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Consultation of Procurement Compliance Issues for Social Responsibilities

NEC has established the "PDFNEC Group Code of Conduct" and promotes compliance (legal compliance and ethical behavior) throughout the NEC Group. Furthermore, with regard to procurement activities, NEC has established the "NEC Group Procurement Policy" and promotes responsible procurement activities. We have established the consultation and reporting service ( Supplier Hotline and Compliance Hotline ) for early detection and correction of any violation of these policies and as a grievance mechanism to handle complaints from suppliers based on the above policies.

Scope of consultation and reporting

If you see or suspect any violation from the PDFNEC Group Code of Conduct or the NEC Group Procurement Policy in connection with NEC Group‘s procurement transactions, please report it to the NEC Group hotlines.


We will handle the report with due consideration for the privacy of the whistleblower. During the investigation, we will take care not to identify the whistleblower, except in cases where the whistleblower has given his/her consent to disclose the information.

Response to Reporting

NEC will promptly investigate the facts of the report and take appropriate action if corrective action is necessary. The whistleblower will not be treated disadvantageously by the NEC Group because of the fact that he or she made the report. In addition, the NEC Group "Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct in Supply Chains" request that suppliers ensure that whistleblowers are not treated unfavorably by the suppliers.


We may have difficulty responding to reports that fall under the following categories. We appreciate your understanding in advance:

  1. Cases which have already been resolved
  2. Cases which are lacking sufficient information to conduct an investigation
  3. Cases in which contact with the whistleblower is not possible and unable to verify the facts, etc.
  4. Cases which are deemed unrelated with the business transactions with NEC Group
  5. Reports which intend to harm someone’s reputation
  6. Consultations related to personal grievances or dissatisfaction

1. Supplier Hotline

Scope : Suppliers located outside of Japan
How to report : Please access to the website from the following link.

How a report is processed : Supplier Hotline is designed to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information.

Supplier Hotline contact is located within NEC Group Internal Audit Division.
Report can be anonymous or with contact details.
You will not receive a notice for a follow-up message of your report. Please occasionally access the reporting channel to check if you have received a message.

(You will be redirected to an external website)

2. Compliance Hotline

Scope : Suppliers located in Japan

How a report is processed (Third Party Agency)

Compliance Hotline is managed by a trustworthy third party (Integrex Inc.) in order to ensure the protection of whistleblower's confidentiality. NEC and Integrex have an NDA, so that any of consultation is secured from both disclosure and leakage to other parties, except legal actions of the government.

Security System (Third Party Agency)

Compliance Hotline contact is located within NEC Group Internal Audit Division.

We accept an E-mail consultation only in order for us to treat your report as much as correctly. You are kindly requested to write your real name and company name clearly in your E-mail, so that we can communicate with you for feedback.

If you wish, it is available to hold your real name and company name to the third party, so that your advice must come to NEC as an anonymous suggestion.

Regarding your personal data, we request you to agree with the following notes when you send us your E-mail.

Notes on Personal Data:
Please report or seek advice after having carefully read and given consent to the following:

Controller of the personal data
Company name: NEC Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "NEC")

Personal data protection administrator
Title: Managing Director, Group Internal Audit Division, NEC

Purpose of processing for the personal data
(1) To prove your identity
(2) To respond to your report or seeking advice

Transfer of the personal data to a third party
The personal data will not be transferred to a third party except in the case ruled to provide under the laws and regulations.

Outsourcing of handling the personal data
NEC outsources the following operations to Integrex Inc.
(1) Contact point of your report or seeking advice
(2) Question and answer for your report or seeking advice

Statutory or contractual requirement concerning the provision of the personal data
It is acceptable for you to keep your personal data anonymous to NEC. However, the 3rd party agency needs to receive your report with your real name.
Provision of the personal data is not a statutory or contractual requirement, or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract, and you are not obliged to provide personal data.  However, if you choose not to provide personal data, it may not be possible to respond to your report or seeking advice.

Security of processing the personal data
Recipients of the personal data implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk.

Contact information for your inquiry on the personal data
Contact the following if you have any inquiries on your personal data;
Integrex Inc.

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    This is the “Consultation of Procurement Compliance for Social Responsibilities” for suppliers. For inquiries that do not fall under this category (e.g., inquiries about personal computers, etc.), you can look for the appropriate window in this page.