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Grievance Mechanism

Consultation of Compliance Issues - Procurement Ethics

About Compliance Hotline

NEC has declared "NEC Group Charter of Corporate Behavior" and "NEC Group Code of Conduct" for the internal compliance. In this context, NEC has established "Compliance Hotline" to provide a system that would make it easy for suppliers to report or to seek advice in case of known or suspected violation of procurement ethics.

Scope of Consultation

NEC would appreciate it if suppliers could kindly report to the Compliance Hotline, when any of unethical procurement behavior of NEC persons was found.


The consultation is treated under sufficient consideration of privacy. No disadvantage due to the consultation is guaranteed.

Security System (Third Party Agency)

Compliance Hotline is managed by a trustworthy third party (Integrex Inc.) in order to ensure the protection of whistleblower's confidentiality. NEC and Integrex have an NDA, so that any of consultation is secured from both disclosure and leakage to other parties, except legal actions of the government.

Security System (Third Party Agency)

We accept an E-mail consultation only in order for us to treat your report as much as correctly.You are kindly requested to write your real name and company name clearly in your E-mail, so that we can communicate with you for feedback.
If you wish, it is available to hold your real name and company name to the third party, so that your advice must come to NEC as an anonymous suggestion.