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  1. Annual Report 2015
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NEC will create “an information society friendly to humans and the earth” by contributing to customers and society through the practice of the NEC Way. A more concrete application of this principle is our declaration of becoming a “Social Value Innovator.” We have developed a corporate key image of “orchestrating a brighter world,” reflecting the principle to our business activities. NEC serves to society and customers with values contributes to by continuing to present to society or customers values such as safety, security, efficiency and equality through the power of ICT to offer solutions to social problems. We hope that our contribution underpins the medium- to long-term development of the NEC Group.

Sustainable Development of Society and the NEC Group through The NEC Way

The NEC Way includes the Group Corporate Philosophy, the Group Vision 2017, the Group Core Values, the Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, and the Group Code of Conduct.

NEC Group Corporate Philosophy
NEC strives through “C&C” to help advance societies worldwide toward deepened mutual understanding and the fulfillment of human potential
NEC Group Vision 2017
To be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth
NEC Group Core Values
Passion for Innovation, Self-help, Collaboration, and Better Products, Better Services

Solutions for Society

Figure: Solutions for Society

Corporate Key Message: Orchestrating a brighter world
NEC fuses innovative ICT technology, services and knowledge cultivated over many years to provide social solutions through collaboration and cooperation with people around the globe and realize a safe, secure, efficient and equal society that brightens people's lives. Orchestrating a brighter world includes NEC's strong determination for the future.
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