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Annual Report 2015 / Year ended March 31, 2015

Message from the President
Progress on “Mid-term Management Plan 2015”
Message from the CFO
Business Activities for Value Creation
Business Foundation to Support Value Creation
Corporate Data
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NEC Annual Report 2015 Download
NEC Annual Report 2015 (Financials) Download Financials with audit report
  • The management targets included in this annual report are not projections, and do not represent management's current estimates of future performance. Rather, they represent targets that management will strive to achieve through the successful implementation of NEC's business strategies.
  • Finally, NEC cautions you that the statements made in this annual report are not an offer of marketable securities for sale. Marketable securities may not be offered or sold in any jurisdiction in which required registration is absent or an exemption from registration under the applicable securities laws is not granted.