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Spelling Success for ASEAN Sustainability

From buzzword to blueprint

Imagine zooming through the streets of Bangkok in an AI-powered bus, breathing fresh air thanks to optimized traffic flow. Picture Vietnamese villages empowered by digital IDs bridging the digital divide. Or envision Singaporean households basking in energy savings from smart meters. This isn’t a futuristic daydream – it’s the ASEAN transformation taking place right now, through the lens of NEC.

For over a century, we’ve woven innovation into the fabric of Asia. Now, we’re doubling down on a bold vision for ASEAN: “Transformation Through Trust”. It’s a mantra etched not just in technological innovations, but in our unwavering commitment to co-create a greener, more inclusive future for ASEAN.

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1. Stepping into the carbon battlefield

Climate change isn’t a distant threat for us. It’s a battle we’re fighting head-on to help clients across ASEAN achieve net zero, one intelligent solution at a time. Just take our Smart Meter project in Singapore. With it, there’s no more need for fuel-guzzling meter-reading trips – these sensors whisper energy data through remote monitoring, empowering businesses to cut emissions, and households to embrace a lighter carbon footprint. 

2. Bridging the digital divide

But sustainability isn’t just about saving the planet – it’s also about leaving no one behind. We champion digital inclusion, ensuring everyone gets a seat at the digital feast. Our nationwide digital ID systems in Vietnam are opening doors to financial services and government benefits for the underserved. 

In Singapore, we’re guiding seniors through the tech maze, while crafting assistive tools for differently-abled individuals. It’s a symphony of inclusivity, ensuring everyone has the tools to thrive in the digital age.

3. Building fortresses against tomorrow’s threats

In a world where cyberattacks and natural disasters loom large, we’re always on guard. Our robust online security systems are battle-tested fortresses, shielding businesses from data breaches and malware. 

It doesn't stop there. In Singapore, we’ve trained IT teams to become cyber sentinels, ready to repel any digital invasion. Plus, to ensure everyone plays their part, we’re building a culture of accountability from the ground up through public education.   

And when floods or earthquakes strike, our early warning systems are the first line of defence, protecting lives and livelihoods wherever they are. 

4. Smart cities, smarter governments

A city humming with efficiency, where traffic lights dance to the rhythm of real-time data, and potholes vanishing before you can even be bothered to complain about them? That's the magic of NEC's Smart Township program, which is already transforming Singapore into an even better model of urban intelligence through our command and control (C2) platform, which fuses big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Public services become laser-focused, responding to residents’ needs like clockwork, and paving the way for happier, healthier communities.

5. From factory floors to green fields

The industrial revolution is getting a sustainable makeover, courtesy of our smart manufacturing solutions. Our AI-powered System Invariant Analysis Technology (SIAT) sniffs out inefficiencies and prevents accidents, squeezing the most out of every resource. Think less waste, more output, and a planet that breathes easier. It's a win-win for businesses and the environment.

6. Greener rides, smoother journeys

Traffic jams and smog clouds are no match for our transportation innovations. Our state-of-the-art solutions in Thailand streamline traffic flow, optimizing routes and saving fuel. Public transport gets a green makeover, luring commuters away from their gas-guzzlers with comfort and efficiency. It's not just about getting from point A to point B – it's about building a cleaner, more connected future for everyone.

Transforming through trust

Our story in ASEAN isn't just about technology. It’s a shared vision for a better tomorrow. A relentless pursuit of green solutions, unwavering commitment to inclusion, and dedication to building resilient communities aligned with ethical AI, digital trust, and technology for good.

Today, only 22% of the Top 100 sustainable companies are based in the Asia Pacific. Tomorrow, this percentage will soar as we partner even more organisations in the region to deploy digital technologies and capture sustainable growth.

The green revolution is in full swing, and we’re leading the charge.

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January 12, 2024