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Elevate your travel experience with Star Alliance Biometrics

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Traveling can be stressful. From check-in to boarding, the constant long lines and security checks create a hectic airport experience for all travelers.

Designed to facilitate hygienic and seamless travel, NEC I:Delight enables a hygienic and seamless travel experience through facial recognition, allowing travelers to create a single Digital ID that they can use within and beyond the airport.

How are we changing the airport experience?

By introducing NEC I:Delight, we are creating an integrated Digital ID that enables a hygienic and seamless travel experience that can benefit everyone, from travelers to airport staff.

What are we improving?

We are eliminating the need to present physical documents and providing autonomous facial recognition across a wide array of touchless checkpoints, which thus reduce the bottlenecks that create long queues. With NEC I:Delight, going from curb-to-gate and beyond is done via a single Digital ID, making travelling simple and faster while becoming more safe and secure.

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