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NEC Telecom Carrier SDN Solutions

Logo : NEC/NetCracker SDN/NFV Solutions

Over the past 20 years, our lifestyles have been dramatically transformed by the expansion in mobile communication networks. Mobile traffic has grown exponentially with the advent of the smartphone, and the quest for a whole new paradigm is underway.

We believe we are on the cusp of yet another new exciting stage - the start of the SDN era.
Naturally, NEC has been carving itself a leading position by investing in this enlightened field and nurturing a new market.

SDN is designed to change the way data packet are handled. Gone are the days when you need to control network functions through self-dispersing, decentralized routers. Now you can direct operations from a single, external control center. The task of managing networks is getting heavier and more complex by the day as new cloud services and other developments flood the scene. SDN can save you from this ever-rising sea of signals. It is truly a revolution.

logo: NEC/NetCracker SDN/NFV Solutions

NEC having rich experience and deep knowledge in both telecom network and IT field knows how to orchestrate to optimize network in both aspects. Together with Netcracker's expertise in OSS/BSS field, NEC's end-to-end orchestration provides total solution to the entire network in best-suited manner tailored to each operator's needs and facing challenges.

  • NEC @ Mobile World Congress 2017

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