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NLite Features

NEC's NLite Series Provides a Wide Variety of Solutions for the North American Hierarchy

The NLite family (NLite, NLite L, NLite Lx, and NLite N) offers efficient, economical and easy-to-deploy rollouts for short-haul access links, including IP network transmissions as well as cellular backhauls, for the US market. The NLite family covers small, medium and large capacities with flexible bandwidth assignments and operates at frequency bands ranging from 5.8 to 38 GHz. NEC NLite enables simple installation, speedy service introduction, and efficient economical solutions for your daily transmission needs, as well as for more exigent situations.


  • Consists of a compact outdoor unit (ODU), an indoor unit (IDU) and an antenna
  • System configuration variation (1+0, 1+1 (HS), 1+1 (HS/SD), 1+1 (FD))
  • Common software-defined platform for both TDM (PDH/SONET) and Ehternet
  • Standard TDM/Ethernet mixed interface and flexible throughput selection
  • Automatic TX power control and high system gain
  • Remote supervision and control of networks, using a personal computer
  • SNMP based NMS and Web based GUI Craft Interface
  • Easy, simple and quick installation
  • All-indoor-type high-power option available without any fans and with a small footprint
  • MEF 9/14 certified and NEBS3 cetified.

Frequencies and traffic capacities:

FrequencyTraffic Capacity
NLite 7, 8, 18, 23, 38 GHz

4 x 1.5 Mbps,

8 x 1.5 Mbps,

16 x 1.5 Mbps,

1 x 45 Mbps

Nlite L 5.8, 6, (7), (8), 10.5, 11, 24 GHz

8 x 1.5 Mbps,

16 x 1.5 Mbps,

28 x 1.5 Mbps,

1 x 45 Mbps

NLite Lx 6, 10.5, 11 GHz

3 x 45 Mbps,

8 x 1.5 Mbps

NLite E 5.8, 6, 7, 8,11, 18, 23, 38 GHz



NLite N 5.8, 6, 11, 18, 23, 24, 38 GHz


1 x 45 Mbps,

16 x 1.5 Mbps,


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