Fixed Point-to-Point Wireless Access System for Advanced Networks

NEC's PASOLINK Series (PASOLINK, PASOLINK+, PASOLINK Mx and PASOLINK NEO) provides a full range of economical short- and long-haul point-to-point microwave radio systems designed for a wide range of applications, such as mobile backhauls, broadband networks, enterprise solutions, and emergency networks.


PASOLINK NEO, a newly launched and advanced point-to-point wireless access radio system, offers a wide range of capacities, modulation levels (QPSK up to 128QAM) and interfaces (E1, STM-1, and Ethernet).
Using plug-in system modules with a single common IDU (indoor unit) and capacity-free ODU (outdoor unit) supports 6 to 52 GHz frequency bands.
Furthermore, the internal Digital Cross Connect function offers an easier and flexible traffic aggregation at repeater and nodal stations.
PASOLINK NEO enables operators to make flexible and scalable configuration changes in accord with network evolution. Its innovative intelligent design provides scalable solutions with optimal investment value for CAPEX and OPEX reduction.


PASOLINK NEO High Performance

PASOLINK NEO High Performance (HP) is designed for High capacity access microwave radio link (from 155 Mbps up to 1.6 Gbps) and particularly for IP network application.

Common ODU is used for radio system keeping same PASOLINK NEO series design concept. It supports GbE and STM-1 interfaces and higher modulation scheme (16 to 256QAM) for enhancing transition efficiency.



PASOLINK NEO iP, Peak demand for higher IP network equipment functionality has lately risen up in the market. NEC can supply the microwave radio equipment that fully comply these market demands.

NEO iP has an extensive range of functions to satisfy market expectations. Among them, Pseudo wire emulation (end to end), IP ring protection, VLAN, QoS, E1 signal compression, Bandwidth management, MPLS label switching, Fast Ether interface, Gigabit Ether Interface, E1 interface and STM-1 interfaces, can be pointed out.



PASOLINK NEO/a, it supports mobile backbone nodal solution. A nodal station characterizes by dealing with numerous and diverse direction concentration of signals and capacities to be relayed to a central system.

NEO/a treats and conveys various type of signals (E1, STM-1, FE and GbE) to dispose them via the digital cross connect function and transmit them to 6 or more different directions. ODUs and Modem cards are commonly used in PASOLINK NEO equipment. It is highly convenient and scalable for constructing a total backbone network using microwave radio.



PASOLINK NEO/c, offers an extensive lineup of PASOLINK devices with the following enriched features: expanded capacity coverage to 80 Mbps, higher spectrum efficiency using the QAM technique, provides enhanced flexibility and IP-friendly and high performance and reliability consistent with its spectrum efficiency.



PASOLINK offers simple and highly reliable radio systems. Provides a range of traffic capacities such as PDH (2 x 2 to 16 x 2 Mbps), and interfaces such as E1, 10/100Base-T(X). Its frequency bands go from 7 to 38 GHz.


NEC's NLite series (NLite, NLite Lx, NLite155) provides PDH traffic capacities (4 x 1.5 Mbps to 16 x 1.5 Mbps, 1 x 45 Mbps, 3 x 45 Mbps) and STM-1 OC3 (155 Mbps).

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NEC also offers a product line-up for Long-haul applications, the 5000S, for large-capacity and high reliability SDH (synchronous digital hierarchy) systems.


Note: PASOLINK is a trademark of NEC Corporation, NLite is a trademark of NEC Corporation in USA.