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High Quality Smart Radio Solution PASOLINK The growing adoption of 4G and beyond mobile wireless services, is challenging the mobile service providers with the need for rapidly deploying high speed, flexible, scalable and highly reliable backhaul with CAPEX and OPEX optimized for ensuring least TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and high network performance. NEC has been in the forefront of developing and providing highly field proven, reliable wireless backhaul solutions through NEC's PASOLINK series of Microwave Radios, for service providers all over the world.

The highest spectram efficiency 2048QAM solution is now available !


Achieving in excess of 1Gbps capacity, 2048QAM high order modulation drives the future of microwave transmission. NEC pioneered the commercial use of 2048QAM, which requires exacting control, with now over 13000TRs in solid operation


2048QAM iPASOLINK Family is ready

In Jan. 2015, iPASOLINK 100A/200A with 2048 QAM will be released.  Then full member of 2048 QAM iPASOLINK Family will be ready for deployment. 


iPASOLINK 100A/200A - Advanced iPASOLINK - will be released soon


As advanced iPASOLINK, iPASOLINK 100A/200A will be released in Jan. 2015.

They support 2048QAM, and other features such as sub-band free, IEEE1588v2, etc., and designed for lower power consumption.  Fan-less operation expands degree of freedom in installation scenes, and also reduction of OpEx is anticipated.

NEC's High Power ODU

NEC's High Power ODU

NEC also developed the highest power ODU in the industry, with groundbreaking application of GaN technology.  It acheives the highest TX power with the lowest power consumption.

 This power efficient ODU supports up to 2048 QAM.

 The combination of iPASOLINK 200A and IAP ODU with 2048 QAM can replace existing 256 QAM link without  any other additional equipment and modification of the link.

NEC Microwave Radio 'KNOW HOW' Optimizes PERFORMANCE & TCO

NEC microwave radio know how optimizes performance & TCO

You can count on NEC for rich features, high performance, and reliable production, the NEC quality, as the partner of choice for your business.

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