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Environmental Audits & ISO 14001 Inspections

NEC promotes the development of environmentally sound products and monitors reductions in the environmental impact, the degree of compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and the performance of risk management strategies at all of its business units, sites, and subsidiaries.

Audit and Inspection System

NEC conducts in-house audits including internal environmental audits, environmental management audits, and environmental compliance audits, the results of which are verified as part of NEC’s ISO 14001 compliance audits (inspections).

Internal environmental audits

Each of the companies and sites within the NEC Group independently and in detail audits its own organization (divisions and departments) through internal environmental audits.

Eco Management Audit

Environmental management audits are conducted to enhance environmental management within regular business operations.

ISO14001 Inspections

NEC promotes acquisition of the certification across all divisions and departments.

Legal Compliance Audits

NEC carries out legal compliance audits that comprehensively check factors subject to all applicable laws and regulations.

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