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Overseas: Group Companies

Case Examples

NEC New Zealand, providing smart city solutions to the Wellington City Council

NEC NZ Smart City Solutions have partnered with Wellington City Council (WCC) to explore how new technologies can help the city become more sustainable and liveable as part of a long-term strategy for New Zealand’s capital city.
WCC has acknowledged that these technologies can help make Wellington a smarter, safer and more innovative world-class city with the guidance of NEC NZ.

Collaboration with suppliers related to the environment, health and safety (EHS)

To ensure compliance with environmental regulations that are becoming stricter in many countries and regions and to thoroughly protect the safety of workers at overseas work sites, from fiscal 2016/3, NEC requires all overseas subsidiaries of the NEC Group (hereafter, NEC overseas subsidiaries) to obtain a declaration of compliance with EHS regulations from their suppliers.
Through this, we guarantee the compliance of suppliers of NEC overseas subsidiaries in the following three areas:

  • Compliance with laws that restrict the use of chemical substances in products and components
  • Appropriate handling and management of waste generated during the site installation and commissioning of NEC products and services in accordance with applicable waste disposal laws
  • Ensuring worker safety during onsite work
We will continue to build reliable compliance systems in cooperation with our business partners and improve the legal compliance processes of NEC overseas subsidiaries.

Europe: REACH* compliance by NEC Europe and other European subsidiaries

Under the REACH regulation, which controls all chemicals that are manufactured in Europe or imported into Europe, if a molded article (product, etc.) contains substances of very high concern in an amount that exceeds 0.1 wt%, the supplier is required to disclose this information to the receiving party. This is a binding requirement for BtoB business.
In order to ensure the efficient provision of information in compliance with REACH, a system for providing customers with this information has been established under the leadership of NEC Europe, the umbrella organization for Europe.

  • *REACH stands for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, and is a European Union regulation (No. 1907/2006) that was approved on December 13, 2006,and came into effect on June 1, 2007. The regulation requires all companies manufacturing or importing chemical substances into the European Union in quantities of one ton or more per year to register these substances along with an indication of their safety and usage with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Europe: Product collection and recycling by NEC Europe and other European subsidiaries


NEC products sold in EU market are taken-back and recycled in accordance with the EU WEEE directive*.
To identify the relevant product, the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol shown on figure 1, is on the NEC product and / or packaging and / or any product leaflets.
NEC provides information about preparation for the re-use and treatment of each product type upon requests from products treatment and recycling facilities.
For detailed information, please see the following website.

  • * Directive 2012/19/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of July 4, 2012 on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

‘Green Vision’ initiatives by NEC Display Solutions Europe

NEC Display Solutions Europe (NECDSE) has formed a ‘Green Vision’ cross-functional team to contribute to the environment and to realise ‘an information society friendly to humans and the earth,’ as stated in the NEC Group Vision 2017.

Green Vision:

Environmental Performance for Shipping

NECDSE uses the Clean Shipping Index, which attaches a rating to ships and shipping companies based on their environmental performance. Through this, NECDSE is demonstrating its commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of shipping while indicating to its shipping partners the importance the company places on environmental performance.

ReTrade programme for used projectors


In March 2013, NECDSE launched its refurbish and reuse programme for aged projectors of any model and make.  The returned units will be refurbished for future reuse in the market or recycled responsibly to reduce material waste and unnecessary resource consumption.

To participate, consumers and dealers can simply visit the ReTrade website and provide proof of an NEC projector purchase in the last three months.

In line with NEC’s Green Vision, to minimise environmental impact over the entire product lifecycle, 85 per cent of the returned projectors in the ReTrade programme will be refurbished and returned to the market.

The NEC ReTrade programme is available to customers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands and the United Kingdom and will be soon extended to other European countries.

For more information, please visit the NEC ReTrade website:

China: Compliance activities at NEC China

Since around 2006, environment-related regulations strengthened in China are being newly established or strengthened. In order to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, system and has been implementing it in NEC Group subsidiaries in China.

FY 2017/3 Environmental Impact Data for Overseas Production Bases

Item Actual results Unit
CO₂ emissions 10,031 ton
Waste discharge amount 317 ton
Chemicals usage amount 91 ton
Water usage amount 28,846
Power usage amount 14,566 1,000 kWh
LPG gas usage amount 13 ton
LNG gas usage amount 0 ton
Natural gas usage amount 646 1,000 m³
Heavy fuel oil usage amount 0.3 kl
Light fuel oil usage amount 0 kl

*Target: 3 companies (2 companies in China and 1 company in Thailand)

Websites introducing environmental activities of overseas group companies

The following websites introduce the environmental activities of the various overseas Group companies.

NEC America Electronic Waste Recycling
NEC Europe REACH Information
WEEE Information
ErP Information
NEC Australia Environmental overview
NEC Display Solutions Environmental overview
NEC Enterprise Solutions Green policy

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