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November 12 (Thursday) [Venue: Hall A]

9:30 - 10:00

Opening Ceremony

Greetings from the organizers of the C&C User Forum and iEXPO2015 and presentation of awards for NUA activities

  • Greetings from organizers
  • Nationwide NUA Research Achievement Awards
  • Nationwide NUA User Case Study Paper Awards
NEC C&C Systems Users Association (NUA) is an organization of enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions that are using NEC products and services and is aimed at sharing information, improving skills, and fostering communication among members.

10:00 - 10:50

Keynote Address (Simultaneous English and Chinese interpreting provided)

Orchestrating a brighter world:

Realizing a new society in collaboration with our customers

Photo: Nobuhiro Endo

Nobuhiro Endo

President, NEC Corporation

NEC will leverage ICT as a new social infrastructure to solve various global-scale problems as a way to contribute in building a society where people can live more abundantly. This address introduces our vision of the new society to be realized in collaboration with our customers.

11:40 - 12:40

Special Lecture 1 (Simultaneous English interpreting provided)

Lawson's Challenge:

Responding to changes in local communities and pursuing our role as a neighborhood store

Photo: Genichi Tamatsuka

Genichi Tamatsuka

President and CEO, Lawson, Inc.

Pursuing our role as a small-market-based neighborhood store—as a social infrastructure that closely matches the lifestyle of the community—Lawson has continued to evolve as a company. This year marks Lawson's 40th year anniversary.
In this address I will introduce the community-based initiatives of the Lawson Group and the challenges it aims to take on going forward.

November 13 (Friday) [Venue: Hall A]

10:00 - 11:00

Special Lecture 4 (Simultaneous English interpreting provided)

New challenges in delivering security services aimed at realizing a safe and secure society

Photo: Yukiyasu Aoyama

Yukiyasu Aoyama

President and Representative Director, Sohgo Security Services Co., Ltd. (ALSOK)

Changes in domestic and global state of affairs, a declining birth rate and an aging population, and the advancement of ICT are bringing about major changes in the environment surrounding the security industry. The scope of security services aimed at realizing a safe and secure society has widened beyond crime and accident prevention to cater to needs for strengthening national territories and building regional communities, and now includes health management and lifestyle support. In this address I will talk about ALSOK's new initiatives aimed at making Japan the safest country in the world, as we aim to realize a safe, secure, and convenient lifestyle for all.

13:30 - 15:00

Special Lecture 6 (Simultaneous English interpreting provided)

Disruptive Innovation

How to Create New Growth Businesses

Photo: Clayton Christensen

Clayton Christensen

Harvard Business School professor

The Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christensen, discovered the paradox of continuous innovations by great companies being the cause of disruption. He will talk about the patterns of diruptive innovation and how to lead it, through his research and practice at the businesses he started such as Innosight and Rose Park Advisors.

  • *A world-renowned innovation strategy and growth expert, Professor Christensen was recently named 2013's most influential living management thinker in the world by Thinkers50 three times consecutively. He revolutionized conventional management thinking with his seminal book, "The Innovator's Dilemma", which coined the word "Disruptive Technology."

16:00 - 17:30

Special Lecture 7 (Simultaneous English interpreting provided)

An intelligent future world:

Extension of human capabilities brought about by the progress in big data, artificial intelligence, and science

Photo: Michio KakuMichio Kaku

Photo: Masaru KitsuregawaMasaru Kitsuregawa

Photo: Katsumi EmuraKatsumi Emura

Photo: Shinichi TakemuraShinichi Takemura

Michio Kaku

Professor of Theoretical Physics, City College of New York

Masaru Kitsuregawa

Director General, National Institute of Informatics and Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo

Katsumi Emura

Senior Vice President, NEC

Shinichi Takemura

Professor, Kyoto University of Art & Design and Director, Earth Literacy Program

This lecture will present long-range future visions and where we are at present in big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, and other relevant areas of interest in the field of ICT, as viewed from the widely encompassing perspectives of scientific progress and the extension of human capabilities.

  • *Please note that the title and/or content of presentations and seminars may be subject to change.

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