Solutions for Telecom

  • Smart RAN

    Business, Industrial and Social applications are increasingly reliant on robust and ubiquitous wireless IoT networks that can deliver both high-throughput and low latency (not only outdoors, but increasingly inside commercial and public buildings and homes with small cells). The market requires cohesive, integrated ecosystems, comprising RAN (Radio Access Networks), MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) and Cloud IoT platforms.

    MEC adds ‘smarts’ to RAN, delivering economic and social value to end-users. Mobile operators and venue owners play an important role in this ecosystem – by providing a reliable wireless IoT network everywhere and MEC platforms that leverage this.

    New revenue streams and social capital emerge from business, industrial and social use cases, orchestrated under a cohesive ecosystem. An open, secure, smart RAN can then be deployed and leveraged not only by traditional mobile operators but also by each industry vertical wherever it's required.

  • Tailored 5G Network

    NEC is aiming to create new social value through 5G. This year, one of our themes for MWC includes, “Your tailored network, for everyone and everything for any service”.
    NEC's 5G solutions realize quick deployment of 5G networks for business with our rich ICT solutions and experience.
    By capitalizing on our cutting-edge technologies, including massive multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) for high speed and capacity, Mobile Edge Computing for highly diverse networks, the IoT Service Enabler and Network Slicing for high reliability and low latency, we are able to create tailored networks with 5G solutions and services for a wide range of industry customers.


    NEC/Netcracker offers Cloud RAN solution – one of the key virtualization technologies to facilitate 5G. Cloud RAN is deployed on IA-Server using VNF based on ETSI NFV standards. Pre-integrated MANO enables on-demand scalability and auto-healing.
    With our Cloud RAN solution, CSPs will be able to get the following business benefits:

    • Unparalleled Quality of Experience
    • Contextualized services, tailored to individual needs and preferences
    • Efficient utilization of the radio and the network resources
    • Innovative applications and services towards mobile subscribers
  • Transport SDN

    NEC/Netcracker offers unique Master Transport SDN controller, which enables CSPs to move to a vendor-agnostic scalable networking model, providing centralized hierarchical management combining information from domain Transport-SDN controllers for an end-to-end view. In combination with End-to-end Service Orchestration it simplifies and automates the network operation in a multi-layer, multi-vendor and multi-domain environment.
    With our Transport SDN solution, CSPs will be able to get the following business benefits:

    • New Market Opportunities via monetization of unused transport resources
    • Faster time-to-market for high margin services, such as Bandwidth-on-Demand, Optical VPN and SLA-based services
    • Costs reduction via streamlined automated operations and improved network capacity utilization
    • Customer experience improvement via excellent Self-service capabilities and end-to-end SLA provisioning and monitoring
  • Network-as-a-Service: Revenue Acceleration

    NEC/Netcracker in collaboration with partners offers end-to-end NaaS solution comprising BSS applications, Cloud Marketplace for bundling VNFs and XaaS applications, End-to-end Service Orchestration, Real-Time MANO, Enterprise vCPE VNFs, SD-WAN and Data Center SDN Controllers, and different CPE types
    With our NaaS solution, CSPs will be able to get the following business benefits:

    • New Revenue Opportunities to commercialize on-demand VPN, SD-WAN, security services, WAN Optimization and connectivity to Cloud applications
    • Faster Time to Market due to centralized deployment of new services and minimized dependency on CPE functionality and user installation process
    • Optimized Costs reduction due to reduced number of devices at customer site, decrease in power consumption, and elimination of most truck rolls and installation activities
    • Improved Customer Experience via intuitive, user friendly Self-service capabilities and cost-effective “pay-as-you-grow” licensing avoiding the need for large upfront capital investments
  • Next Generation BSS/OSS

    Netcracker's comprehensive, modular, end-to-end product portfolio is built on a single, cloud-ready platform and leverages virtualization and advanced analytics capabilities. Our product suite which covers BSS and OSS end-to-end leads the communications industry in standardization and innovation.
    Our solutions enable operators to capitalize on a number of opportunities:

    • Increase Business and Operational Agility - create and deliver services faster and rapidly adapt to changing customer demands
    • Enhance Automation - utilize pre-integrated solutions, support virtualization and reduce the cost of operations
    • Launch New Business Models and Revenue Streams - leverage new technologies, deploy new service and business models and address the challenges of the rapidly changing communications industry
    • Enable Customer-Centric Operations - develop a deeper understanding and improve the management of customer behavior and experience
  • Cloud System

    The Digital Service Enabler for NFV and Cloud enables telecom operators to effectively monetize their service assets and create new revenue streams by delivering a better customer experience.

    Open source based cloud infrastructure enables carrier grade NFV and agile cloud infrastructure that are very open, allowing flexible adoption of the latest technologies that enhance reliability and scalability. We offer complete support for every aspect of cloud infrastructure, including design, building and operation.

    NEC's Online Digital Shop enhances your online marketing and sales for service assets and the Self-care Portal manages hybrid cloud infrastructure from a single portal. We transform the delivery of services and enable rapid monetization by leveraging our cloud partners.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    NEC the WISE is an AI technology portfolio developed by NEC that consists of 14 technologies that are unique to NEC or No.1 worldwide. With a history of over half a century in AI R&D, NEC has globally provided advanced AI solutions across multiple industries.

    NEC has a wide range of experience and achievements in the field of telecommunication networks and services spanning over a century since its foundation.

    Moreover, NEC is a leader in the development of sophisticated networks such as SDN/NFV, 5G, IoT and monetization services.

    By combining the advantages of NEC the WISE and telecommunications, NEC contributes to Digital Transformation, Customer Value, and Digital Business Innovation.

  • TMS (Traffic Management Solution)

    In order to survive in the increasingly fast-paced and ever changing environments of competitive markets, it is critical for communications service providers (CSP) around the globe to address the challenges of “increasing revenue”, “reducing CAPEX/OPEX” and “generating new revenue resources”.

    Although the penetration of LTE/4G networks is increasing and a new tariff plan has been released, ARPU is not growing as expected. Moreover, increasing traffic is being countered by increasing network cost, as network architecture becomes more complicated with the emergence of new services such as the IoT and greater security needs.

    NEC's Traffic Management Solution effectively overcome these issues and enable CSPs to thrive.

  • Mobile Backhaul

    iPASOLINK EX Advanced, one of the latest toolkits in NEC's PASOLINK series of Microwave Radios, realizes industry-leading 10Gbps single link capacity features with rapid, low cost, high capacity link deployment compared to optical fiber.

    NEC's SDN and AI-based intelligent analytics and control function for embedding in network management systems (NMS) enable dynamic control of network performance, such as latency and QoE, and optimized allocation of network resources, which will be key features for future 5G transport networks.

  • Network Data Monetization with Deep Learning

    Communications service providers (CSP) today are increasingly looked at as data pipes, where revenues are channeled over-the-top (OTT) players, and ARPU fails to grow as expected. NEC provides , secure, real-time, scalable analysis of streaming data at 10 Gbps using patented machine learning technology that addresses critical CSP challenges for increasing revenues (even when HTTPS is used, cookies are blocked, or when experiencing just mobile appslication traffic). NEC's analytics contribute to the growth of CSP revenue through use cases that include monetization via advertisements, customer retention management, game changing plans, and customer threat protection.

Solutions for Society

  • Video Surveillance Solution

    NEC, with the World's No.1 image analysis technologies, provides an intelligent video surveillance solution. By using advanced technologies, it is possible to enhance security and also minimize human error to optimize critical infrastructure surveillance operations.

    The real-time face recognition solution, NeoFace Watch, allows the detection of pre-registered Persons of Interest using CCTV camera footage. The system can also alert security guards in the field of the detection to expedite quick actions against potential threats. The behavior analysis and crowd detection technology enable the early detection of unusual or suspicious behaviors.

  • Smart City (City Operation Center)

    NEC's Cloud City Operation Center (CCOC) is a truly integrated solution designed to meet Smart City requirements in a flexible, efficient and economical manner.

    Today, Smart City solutions are largely focused on resolving a specific issue. As a result, related vertical solutions are often implemented. However, cities are most in need of solutions engineered to manage a multitude of evolving smart services while enhancing the quality of life for residents.

    Some of the primary themes for NEC's CCOC include, creating better services for residents, empowering city transformation into a highly efficient ecosystem, and facilitating private-public co-creation.

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