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NEC releases white paper on digital government and digital finance

Tokyo, September 20, 2023 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the publication of "Realizing a ‘Well-Being Society’ through the Digitalization of Government and Finance – The Future of DGDF -" a white paper covering the areas of digital government and digital finance (DGDF).

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NEC is focusing on DGDF as one of its company-wide growth businesses and is supporting the digitalization of government and financial institutions from the perspective of consumers. In the DG field, NEC has provided various software services to government and public institutions in the United Kingdom and Denmark. In the DF field, we have provided advanced software mainly for wealth management, which is expected to grow in Europe and Asia.

NEC also provides solutions that utilize its cutting-edge technologies, such as biometric authentication and artificial intelligence (AI), to governments and public institutions around the world, including the United States, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

In this white paper, NEC demonstrates how the DGDF market will change amid various environmental changes (megatrends) around the world, and the role NEC can play through its thought leadership activities (*).

In the 2030s, the conditions influencing governments, businesses and consumers will undergo major changes due to changes in the external environment, such as climate change and global issues, as well as the development and spread of technologies such as virtual spaces and AI. This white paper summarizes the megatrends that NEC believes cannot be overlooked in the DGDF market.

Based on NEC's experience with DGDF projects, it is providing insight into what governments and companies must do in order to support the well-being of a society in which no one is left behind. This has been summarized in the following six contribution areas and two key concepts.

Six contribution areas

  • I.
    Collaboration with Government and Support for Digitalization
  • II.
    Achieving Sustainability with Digital Technology
  • III.
    Expanding the Range of Wealth Management Services
  • IV.
    Support for Digital Life Services
  • V.
    Support for Global Intelligence
  • VI.
    Building a Trusted Virtual Space and Economic Sphere

Key Concepts

Left: Interconnection Right: Orchestration

The starting point of social value is always the consumer. In the future, NEC will continuously update the content presented in this white paper with the cooperation of governments, citizens, businesses, academia, foundations, etc., and disseminate it as a picture of the future that people can relate to.


  • (*)
    Thought Leadership Activities: NEC is promoting thought leadership activities in collaboration with the Institute for International Socio-Economic Studies (IISE), a think tank of the NEC Group, toward the realization of a future society envisioned in the NEC 2030VISION. NEC aims to achieve concrete social implementation among five themes: Environment, City, Communication, Business, and Life. In order to support these themes, it is essential to build a cooperative system among stakeholders such as the public sector, citizens, companies, startups, academia, and foundations. Through thought leadership activities, NEC envisions and disseminates a vision of a future that can be related to, creates initiatives together with these stakeholders, solicits market participants, promotes social demonstration and implementation, and aims to shape future markets.

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