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Toyota Tsusho, IIJ, NEC, and NTT Com Sign Contract with Uzbektelecom for Telecommunications Infrastructure Development Project

- Contributing to DX efforts by advancing Uzbekistan's information and telecommunications infrastructure -

Tokyo, January 27, 2023 - Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho"), Internet Initiative Japan Inc. ("IIJ"), NEC Corporation ("NEC"), and NTT Communications Corporation ("NTT Com") announced today the conclusion of a contract with JSC Uzbektelecom ("Uzbektelecom"), a state-owned telecommunications operator in Uzbekistan, for a telecommunications infrastructure development project ("the Project") to provide data center and telecommunications infrastructure for an advanced data communication system ("the System").

Installation of the System is scheduled to begin in 2023 and the sequential launch of operations is expected to significantly improve the communications environment of Uzbekistan.

1. Background
In response to the rapidly growing data communication demand driven by the digitalization of various industries, Uzbekistan is expanding its telecommunications infrastructure aimed at issues such as improving communications quality and closing the digital divide between urban and rural areas. In accordance with this background, the government of Uzbekistan has made the decision to accelerate digital transformation (DX) and introduce the latest information technologies for its digitalization strategy, Digital Uzbekistan 2030.

2. Overview
For the Project, launched under Digital Uzbekistan 2030, the four companies will provide telecommunications equipment and services required for Uzbektelecom’s data centers in three major cities (Tashkent, Bukhara, and Kokand), expansion of the telecommunications transport and data networks, as well as the international data communication network. This is expected to significantly increase the speed, capacity, and quality of the telecommunications infrastructure and to contribute to propelling DX in Uzbekistan, thereby facilitating the country's transition to a digital economy in the future.

The Project is funded by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI), and the MUFG Bank, Ltd.

3. Outlook
Through the Project, the four companies will contribute to the realization of a more convenient and comfortable society, as well as the sustainable development of industries in Uzbekistan and other countries in Central Asia.

Roles of Participating Companies:

  • Toyota Tsusho
    As the prime contractor for the Project, Toyota Tsusho will serve as the overall coordinator and ensure the smooth progress of the Project.
  • IIJ
    In the data storage and data processing center (data center) construction projects, IIJ will contribute to the development of sustainable digital infrastructure in Uzbekistan by providing its energy efficient, high-quality, and highly efficient containerized IT modules "co-IZmo/I", building the cloud platform, and providing training for Uzbektelecom's data center operational staff.
  • NEC
    In the Uzbektelecom telecommunications transport network and data network expansion project, NEC will contribute to the operation of the national telecommunications infrastructure by providing optical wavelength multiplexing communications equipment and training for Uzbektelecom's operational staff, leveraging its many years of experience in supporting Uzbekistan's telecommunications infrastructure.
  • NTT Com
    In the international data communication network expansion project, NTT Com will contribute to the realization of DX in Uzbekistan through the expansion of the country's international data communication network by providing equipment for the large-scale communication network and education for Uzbektelecom's operational staff.
Overview of Toyota Tsusho
Company name Toyota Tsusho Corporation
Location Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Established July 1, 1948
Capital 64.936 billion yen
Representative President & CEO Ichiro Kashitani
Business description Domestic and international trade of goods, export and import of goods, construction undertaking, insurance agents, among others
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Overview of IIJ
Company name Internet Initiative Japan Inc.
Location Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established December 3, 1992
Capital 23.023 billion yen
Representative President, co-CEO, and COO Eijiro Katsu
Business description Provision of Internet connectivity and WAN service, network-related services, network systems construction, operation and maintenance, development and sales of telecommunication equipment
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Overview of NEC
Company name NEC Corporation
Location Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established July 17, 1899
Capital 427.8 billion yen
Representative President and CEO (Representative Director) Takayuki Morita
Business description Provision of ICT solutions in the areas of public solutions business, public infrastructure business, enterprise business, network services business, and global business
Overview of NTT Com
Company name NTT Communications Corporation
Location Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established 1999
Capital 230.9 billion yen
Representative President & CEO (Representative Member of the Board of the Company) Toru Maruoka
Business description Long-distance telecommunications in Japan, international telecommunications, solutions business, ICT services and solutions, and related businesses
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