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NEC develops a gateless access control system using biometric recognition that authenticates large numbers of people to help alleviate congestion at busy entrances

- Smooth entry through a combination of face recognition and person re-identification technologies -

Tokyo, November 30, 2022 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) has developed a Gateless Access Control System using Biometric Recognition (*1) that combines NEC’s global No.1 (*2) face recognition technology with person re-identification technology (*3), which matches people even if they are facing away or their bodies are occluded, to provide fast and reliable entry control that is free from gates.

The system enables a large number of people to be authenticated in real time by using camera images to repeatedly detect individuals and perform face recognition as they pass through a predetermined entry zone.

Instead of using gates, which can cause bottlenecks of congestion as individuals pass through one by one, authentication can be performed even when a large number of people walk naturally through an entrance, thereby reducing congestion and enabling visitors to enter quickly and smoothly.

Gateless access control system using biometric recognition

When a large number of people are concentrated at the entrance of a theme park, office, or factory, long lines can form in order to pass through flapper gates or guarded security gates. With this system, each person can be authenticated smoothly without stopping, and if a person whose face image has not been registered in advance passes by, an alert can be displayed above the person’s head or below their feet on a monitor nearby.

Also, at the time of authentication, visitors can be notified that authentication has been completed through a previously downloaded application or registered e-mail. This makes it easy for both visitors and security personnel to quickly recognize the status of authentication in an entry area.

Main features of the technology include the following:

  1. Simultaneous authentication of multiple people with a single camera
    Real-time authentication of a large number of people can be realized by combining a person re-identification technology that matches the characteristics of a person’s clothing with a technology that detects the characteristics of their movement. Furthermore, combining this with face recognition enables a single camera to authenticate more than 100 people per minute, helping to alleviate congestion in an entry area.
  2. Smooth and precise authentication even when walking naturally
    The world’s No.1 face recognition technology, which is at the core of NEC’s portfolio of biometric identification solutions "Bio-IDiom," (*4), allows visitors to be authenticated, even without directing their faces towards a camera, thereby enabling smooth entry without any extra burden on visitors. Also, since authentication can be performed when wearing a mask, both high convenience and security can be maintained.

In the future, NEC will continue to verify the use of this system in a variety of ways, such as in theme parks, event halls, and offices/factories, as well as automated ticket gateways, with the aim of practical application in fiscal 2024.


  • (*1)
    A number of patents are pending for Gateless Access Control System using Biometric Recognition, including face recognition technology and person re-identification technology. (as of November 30, 2022)
  • (*2)
    NEC ranked No.1 several times as the world's most accurate face recognition technology in vendor tests conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
    The evaluation results do not represent recommendations by the US government for specific products.
  • (*3)
    Announced on February 8, 2019: "NEC technology recognizes people based on partial images"
  • (*4)

    "Bio-IDiom" is NEC's portfolio of biometric identification solutions, including face, iris, fingerprint, palm print, finger vein, voice, and ear acoustic solutions.

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