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NEC to launch simulated annealing service with up to 300,000 bits

- Performs up to 30 times faster than conventional services -

Tokyo, August 29, 2022 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) is set to launch an enhanced “NEC Vector Annealing Service" for solving large-scale combinatorial problems at ultra-high speed using quantum computing technology. The strengthened service will enable a maximum scale of up to 300,000 bits to be achieved with full coupling through functional enhancements, and solution performance will be up to 30 times faster than conventional services (*).

An on-premises version of this service is scheduled to be available globally from October 1st and a cloud version in Japan from November 1st.

In recent years, there is a growing interest in using quantum computing techniques for quickly solving complex combinatorial optimization problems that exist in various situations in society but are too difficult for conventional computing technology to solve due to the enormous number of combinations, such as for drafting delivery plans and planning work shifts.

The NEC Vector Annealing Service runs software incorporating NEC's proprietary algorithm suitable for quantum annealing processing on the vector supercomputer "SX-Aurora TSUBASA." By operating the NEC Vector Annealing Service on SX-Aurora TSUBASA, which performs matrix calculations with a large capacity memory, ultra-high-speed processing of large-scale combination problems can be carried out.

The latest version of this service has been enhanced for addressing large-scale and complex issues and will first be offered as a flat-rate monthly cloud service, rather than a pay-as-you-go service, in order to encourage as many customers as possible to utilize these cutting-edge technologies.

Enhancement Overview

  • (1)
    Expand to a 300,000-bit scale, which is three times larger than conventional services

    In order to apply the service to new use cases in the future, NEC has expanded the bit scale to 300,000, which is three times higher than in the past, by connecting multiple card-type vector engines installed in SX-Aurora TSUBASA at high-speed.
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    Up to 30 times faster performance than conventional services

    Improved algorithms have made solution performance up to 30 times faster than previous services, including enhanced flip option functions that reduce unwanted annealing calculations.

Going forward, through the provision of this service, NEC will promote the use of quantum computing technology as part of contributing to the resolution of a wide range of social issues.


  • *
    According to NEC research as of August 29, 2022

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