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NEC's Biometrics Technology supports Vietnam's new national ID system

Supporting Vietnam's digital transformation efforts in this digital economy

Tokyo, March 9, 2022NEC Corporation and NEC Asia Pacific (NEC APAC), the regional headquarters for NEC Corporation in Southeast Asia, announced they have completed the modernization of Vietnam’s national ID system as part of the government’s Digital Transformation Plan. The Ministry of Public Security (MOPS), a public agency under the Government of Vietnam, selected NEC’s Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) to upgrade Vietnam’s existing national ID system with the latest in biometric technologies.

To modernize the lives of Vietnamese citizens and reflect the government’s determination to move from paper-based to centralized electronic document management, MOPS introduced the new national database on population and citizen identification and management systems, and the public services utilizing the new system available from July 1, 2021. Over 50 million chip-based digital ID cards have been issued to eligible Vietnamese citizens since then.

For Vietnamese citizens, they will be able to prove their identity easily and securely, and get access to online citizen services, such as social insurance, thanks to the new national ID system.

Behind the scenes, NEC provided a scalable and expandable multimodal biometric system that uses fingerprint and face recognition technologies. NEC also completed a seamless migration and integration of 16 million legacy records from the previous system. NEC’s ABIS will provide a more secure and standardized authentication process and prevents duplicated or fraudulent identities and ensures that the relevant services are provided to the right people.

Mr. Masakazu Yamashina, Executive Vice President, NEC Corporation, said, "NEC is proud to play a part in supporting Vietnam’s digital transformation efforts with the modernization of the country’s national ID. Our industry-leading biometric and AI-based solutions have also been deployed widely in areas including border controls and seamless aviation travel programs internationally, and we will continue our innovation to further contribute to Vietnam’s digital transformation and drive their growth.

"We remain committed to developing cutting-edge solutions to support and advance global digitalization efforts to realize safer, sustainable and prosperous societies and contribute to making lives better for everyone."


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