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NEC revises "the NEC Way"

- A common set of values that form the basis for how the entire NEC Group conducts itself -

Tokyo, Japan, April 1, 2020 – NEC Corporation today announced the revision of “the NEC Way," which summarizes the management practices and operations that the NEC Group adheres to, including its values and the driving principles behind its actions.

The NEC Way was established in 2008 to describe the NEC Group's management activities. Since then, the NEC Way has evolved through the incorporation of NEC's aspirations for society and its approach to making that society a reality.

With the 120th anniversary of the company's founding and the rapidly changing environment of today, NEC has now clarified the company's "Purpose" and illustrated the connections between the its position and individual values and behavior as a key foundation for all NEC Group employees to share.

The NEC Way articulates NEC’s "Purpose" and "Principles" as a company as well as the expected behaviors, the Code of Values and Code of Conduct, that all of the members comprising the NEC Group are expected to demonstrate.

1. Purpose

The "Purpose" is a declaration based on the statement of "Orchestrating a brighter world" to contribute to a prosperous society in two ways.

The first is the creation of social value, which represents the NEC Group's intention to take action towards changing society for the better.

The second is the realization of a society where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. It is conveyed by the company's belief that “both technology and business must be able to maximize human potential, and that a more prosperous world can be achieved through the provision of information communications systems enabling people to communicate and thereby deepen mutual understanding."

2. Principles

"Principles" are the basis for the NEC Group's actions and are comprised of three important positions.

"Better Products, Better Services" is the founding spirit of the NEC Group. The spirit of "forever pursuing the provision of better products for customers and society rather than stopping after achieving what was thought to be the best," has been passed on to this day as the DNA of the NEC Group, and it will continue to be handed down to future generations. It is a value that the NEC Group wishes to cherish as a company well into the future.

"Integrity" refers to high ethical standards and honesty. It is a principle that all members of the NEC Group must follow. Included in the meaning of this principle is respect for the values of justice and fairness, respect for character, consistency, trust, and compliance.

"Innovation" is also a principle supporting the Purpose of the NEC Group. The NEC Group has always been passionate about innovation, and remains committed to taking full advantage of advanced technologies, expertise, experience, and ideas to make innovation happen within society.

3. Code of Values

The Code of Values should be embodied by all employees, regardless of their position or level in the company, and NEC will proudly recognize those who pursue the Code of Values in their daily activities.

To achieve this, all employees should measure their work styles and organization structures in reference to the Code of Values and identify where strengthening and improvement are needed.

4. Code of Conduct

To ensure NEC's ability to maintain society's trust and its commitment as a Social Value Innovator, the Code of Conduct details what is expected of the NEC Group from today's society with respect to integrity and standards of conduct.

Putting the NEC Way into practice, the NEC Group creates the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.


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