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Introducing a Next-generation ATM with face recognition and QR code reader

Japan's first demonstration test for opening bank accounts by face-authentication at ATMs

Seven Bank, Ltd. (hereinafter "Seven Bank"; headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Yasuaki Funatake) and NEC Corporation (hereinafter "NEC"; headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takashi Niino) hereby announce the development of a next-generation ATM, which has a facial recognition engine with the world's No.1 certification accuracy. The ATM is to be installed and to replace old machines from this September.

In recent years, technological innovations such as FinTech have led to the creation of new financial services and the improvement of operational efficiency as financial institutions, etc. are required to respond to digitalization.

Taking into account the advances in biometrics, AI, IoT, and other technologies, this next-generation ATM is capable of face recognition for identity verification and settlement with QR codes.

In addition, it also utilizes AI and IoT to predict cash demand more precisely and detect prior warning of component failures, which helps to streamline ATM operations. Through the ATMs, Seven Bank and NEC will continue to provide safe and secure lifestyle infrastructure and provide new value in response to changes in society.

Key features of the Next-generation ATM

Provides new value
  • Identity verification: facial verification function and identification document reader
  • Settlement with reading QR code
  • Bluetooth function: send out information to smartphones
Easier to use
  • ATM screens easier to view and understand
  • Pursuing universal design
More safe and secure
  • Changing the design of ATM: cocoon like curve-shaped visor etc.
  • Security measures: automatic detection of financial crimes at ATMs
  • Improve operational efficiency through AI and IoT
  • Reduce environmental impact: reduce electricity and CO2 emissions by 40% compared to current ATMs
(Demonstration test)
  • Accepting opening of bank accounts at next-generation ATMs
    (starting from October 2019 for bank accounts of Seven Bank)
  • Installation of seismometers: contribute to understanding of overall disaster conditions and strengthening disaster prevention capabilities
  • *
    Installation plan for next-generation ATM: Replacements for ATMs in Tokyo are to be completed by summer 2020 and the rest are to be done by FY2024.


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