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NEC provides Smart City solutions in Cordoba, Spain

Tokyo, Japan & Madrid, Spain - July 25, 2019NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced that NEC Iberica, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Europe Ltd., was selected by to provide smart city solutions to Diputacion de Cordoba, a public institute that provides economic and technical services to residents of 77 municipalities of Cordoba, as part of "Enlaza, the Smart and Sustainable Project for Municipalities in the Province of Cordoba".

The project, funded by, which is a public corporate entity belonging to the Ministry of Economy and Business (MINECO) of Spain, will bring smart city advantages to the municipalities of Cordoba for a period of 3 years. Through the project, common urban challenges among the municipalities will be identified and solved through innovative solutions leveraging AI and IoT as part of providing municipalities with sustainable and efficient digital transformation in support of Smart Cities.

Partnering with Sociedad Ibérica de Construcciones Eléctricas, S.A. (SICE), a multinational technology integration company for industrial processes in the fields of traffic and transport, the environment and energy, and telecommunications, NEC will provide its "Cloud City Operation Centre" (CCOC), a Smart City platform based on FIWARE, which collects real-time data from around the city through various sensors, then automatically analyses this information, enabling swift provision of municipal services. NEC will also provide vertical solutions through the CCOC platform to enhance city operations and services for residents in the following areas:

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    Intelligent Energy Management System
    The system, provided by SICE, allows monitoring of municipal electricity supplies, both in buildings and public lighting, and analyses the behaviour of municipal facilities through their electricity consumption data and the impact of the energy saving and efficiency measures adopted. It also aims to reduce CO2 emissions associated with municipal electricity consumption.
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    Intelligent and Data Analytics
    The system allows the Diputacion de Cordoba and its municipalities to reach the next level in the management of services through an approach based on the control and management of the life cycle of the data in all its phases.
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    Waste Management
    The system allows more efficient and improved service provision through monitoring the level of waste within containers using volumetric sensors.
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    Intelligent Water Management System
    The system, provided by SICE, manages and improves the quality of the supply, sanitation and purification service of drinking water in municipalities of the Diputación de Córdoba.
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    Incident Management System
    The system will be the base for the coordination of various departments and stakeholders, providing them with a tool to manage operational resources, as well as optimizing decision making and tasks by automated processes.
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    Asset Management System
    The objective is to centralize the management of the life cycle of the assets.
    It serves as a central repository of assets and a dynamic system for managing the life of the same to the different roles of the Diputacion de Cordoba and its municipalities that are responsible for their management.
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    Open Data Platform
    The web portal platform for sharing data that is gathered through city operations with residents and stakeholders enables the provision of comments, ideas and suggestions to improve the use of such data.
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    Citizen Participation Platform
    The platform enables a new channel of communication between managers and residents, leading to a better provision of services and a better understanding of the needs and real state of the province.

"Each municipality in Cordoba is faced with unique local challenges, but the challenge to become a truly sustainable city that is prepared for a future of rapid urbanization is shared as a common long term goal. We are glad to work with NEC in this project to attain this important goal through the use of continuously developing technologies in the field of ICT", said Antonio Ruiz, president, Diputacion de Cordoba.

"We are honoured to be able to contribute to the pursuit of digital transformation for municipalities of Cordoba. Our CCOC, which will act as the brain of each city, will receive and monitor information from various sensors for vertical services, and conduct cross analyses of the data, thus providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to the city’s operational challenges", said Jaime Serrano, CEO, NEC Iberica. "We will work closely with the community and the stakeholders of each municipality to provide services to their residents, which will advance each community’s potential and create social change for the better."

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