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NEC's multimodal biometric authentication brand "Bio-IDiom" receives 2018 Good Design Best 100 award

Tokyo, October 3, 2018NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today that its multimodal biometric authentication brand "Bio-IDiom" received the Good Design Best 100 award as announced by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (*1).

The Good Design Best 100 award is given to 100 designs that demonstrate excellence in terms of their position as models for future design, and Bio-IDiom has been highly acclaimed as a unique idea in representing the field of social infrastructure.

Award-winning design

Multimodal biometric authentication brand "Bio-IDiom"
Bio-IDiom is the brand name for NEC's multimodal authentication solutions that perform biometric authentication based on multiple sources, such as face, iris, fingerprint, palm print, finger vein, voice, and ear acoustic information. NEC's biometric solutions are being used in more than 700 systems in over 70 countries, including police departments, immigration control agencies, national ID and the entertainment industry.

The review board evaluated Bio-IDiom as follows:

Biometric authentication technology is essential for the next generation of security. Bio-IDiom is ideal for meeting future needs, with its multimodal authentication, which is capable of selecting or combining multiple technologies for biometric authentication, depending on the needs of the client. Bio-IDiom has already been introduced in airports and concert venues internationally, and is expected to continue making greater contributions to social infrastructure and public services in the future.

NEC's multimodal biometric authentication brand, Bio-IDiom

NEC has been promoting the research and development of biometric authentication technologies since the 1970s. NEC's unique world-class technologies include face, fingerprint, and iris solutions that have been recognized as the world's most accurate (*2).

With these technologies and their track record of success, NEC seeks to contribute to a future where biometric authentication enables the safe and secure utilization of digital technology worldwide.



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