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NEC technology recognizes suspicious appearance patterns in large volumes of video

Tokyo, June 12, 2018NEC Corporation today announced the development of a technology that automatically recognizes individuals who are displaying suspicious behaviors, such as loitering, with high precision by measuring appearance patterns (time and location, etc.) in large volumes of video data. This technology enhances "Profiling Across Spatio-Temporal Data" (Note 1), which identifies individuals who frequently appear in video footage.

NEC has developed an algorithm (method) that picks out suspicious behavior by focusing on varying appearance patterns (Figure 1). This technology statistically processes suspicious individuals' frequency of appearance in video, such as their movements and the duration of their appearances, and expresses the variations of each item in a transformation curve (Figure 2). Giving weight to the statistic items enables only individuals who show a specific appearance pattern to be picked out.

In tests of the technology using a public video data set (Note 2), it was confirmed that appearance patterns, such as loitering, waiting and walking, were correctly classified and suspicious behaviors were not overlooked.

"Ever since NEC launched the sale of the NeoFace Image data mining (Note 3) AI software utilizing Profiling Across Spatio-Temporal Data in 2016, NEC has been working on PoCs (Proof of Concept) with a number of customers. We succeeded in developing this technology by combining our know-how in analyzing the appearance patterns of people, which has been built through our demonstration experiments, with our high-speed processing technologies for large volumes of video data, which have been cultivated throughout many years," said Masayuki Mizuno, General Manager, Biometrics Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation.

Using this technology will allow users to efficiently narrow down and search for a specific target. For example, it will enable an appropriate response at an early stage for cases such as a lost or loitering individual. NEC will seek to apply this technology in security, tourism, hospitality and other businesses, aiming for it to be in practical use in FY2018.

NEC plans to present its results at the ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR2018, Period: Monday, June 11 to Thursday, June 14, 2018, Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa).

Larger viewFigure 1. Visualizing individuals' appearance patterns

Larger viewFigure 2. Transformation curves that express various appearance patterns


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