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NEC introduces new 5G business concept, "5G. A Future Beyond Imagination."

- Accelerating Digital Transformation with 5G -

Tokyo, November 2, 2017NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today a new business concept for the next-generation of wireless communications standards, "5G. A Future Beyond Imagination."

The industrial and earnings structures of companies today are undergoing dramatic changes through the implementation of digital transformation (DX)*, which is evolving across a wide range of industries. In response to these changes, companies are aiming to enhance the customer experience and solidify their market position by creating new business models and services that differentiate them from the competition.

In the future, 5G, featuring ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency, massive connectivity, will enable IoT devices to connect to mobile networks simultaneously, allowing more information to be exchanged in real time. In addition, the use of AI will play an important role in creating new value through the analysis of the vast volumes of information being collected.

"In support of this environment, NEC will collaboratively create new business models and services that connect information from different industries and companies by utilizing advanced information and communications technologies (ICT) that combine 5G with NEC's proprietary AI, IoT, and other digital technologies," said Toshimitsu Shimizu, Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation. "As a result of this initiative, NEC will be driving the acceleration of DX for telecommunications carriers, companies, and organizations in the 5G era as part of contributing to the achievement of a fulfilled society."

NEC will facilitate DX for telecommunications carriers, companies, and governmental organizations through three pillars of innovation: social, operation, and network transformation.

The evolution of DX is causing telecommunications carriers and companies to innovate their business models.

NEC's social transformation promotes business model and workstyle innovations that "connect" telecommunications carriers and companies to the assets they need, thereby contributing to their earnings and the creation of a fulfilled society through the collaborative creation of new services.

As services using networks are diversified, operations to protect data from cyberattacks and other threats are required.

NEC's operation transformation enables organizations, such as telecommunications carriers and service providers, to improve the efficiency of complex operations, enhance quality, and reduce costs. NEC is leveraging its advanced ICT and know-how in business management systems, IT, networks, and services to innovate operations and contribute to the rapid launch of services that create new sources of revenue.

Networks in the future will need to be interoperable with a diverse range of services, including 5G wireless technologies and edge computing.

NEC's network transformation will contribute to the coexistence and migration of existing networks and to the establishment of real-time, remote, and secure networks.

In support of this concept, NEC will be promoting joint development activities and solution planning for the realization the 5G era with approximately 1,000 personnel, and will continue to strengthen this organization in the future.

NEC will present further background on the "5G. A Future Beyond Imagination." concept at the C&C User Forum and iEXPO in Tokyo from November 9-10 at the Tokyo International forum.

C&C User Forum and iEXPO:


  • *Digital Transformation
    The reworking of the products, processes and strategies within an organization by leveraging the latest technologies

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