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BIGLOBE adopts NEC's TMS Professional Service

- Enabling BIGLOBE to plan and implement business strategies based on network data traffic analytics -

Tokyo, November 1, 2017NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced it has provided BIGLOBE Inc., a Communications Service Provider (CSP), with its "TMS Professional Service" in order to assist BIGLOBE with the implementation of business strategies based on the analytics of their network data traffic. Using the TMS Professional Service, together with its technologies and expertise for improving communication quality and efficiency, BIGLOBE has succeeded in improving the communication environment for users of its mobile communication service, BIGLOBE Mobile.

With the TMS Professional Service, NEC can analyze network data traffic provided by CSPs in order to monitor trends and detect unusual activities. Based on analysis results, NEC can provide valuable insight in support of end-to-end network design, configuration and adjustment.  

Working with BIGLOBE, NEC analyzed the network data traffic of BIGLOBE Mobile from the perspective of network efficiency, quality of experience (QoE) for network data services, safety, and the service needs of users. It then examined the causes of network congestion and methods for its improvement, as well as elements to improve QoE for network data services by users.

BIGLOBE is constantly seeking to improve QoE for network data services by defining key elements, such as the "fast start" of video, "smooth playing" without stalls and "high quality" video that is free of quality degradation. An efficient communication environment has been created thanks to the analysis and optimization support provided by NEC's TMS Professional Service, together with the technologies and expertise provided by BIGLOBE. This environment has been accomplished by controlling the data packets and shortening the video start time and stall time to less than one third.

Under fierce competition, CSPs are working hard to differentiate themselves with their services. This is being done by improving communications quality and providing attractive tariff plans. At the same time, networks are becoming more and more complicated as part of the changing traffic trends of video and social media. Under these circumstances, CSPs are required to design and implement efficient networks, and to provide communications environments that satisfy end-users. In order to meet these challenges, BIGLOBE adopted the TMS Professional Service, which helps to improve services and efficiency.

The TMS Professional Service draws on the strengths of NEC's Traffic Management Solutions that have provided more than 20 CSPs with advanced control of data traffic. Moreover, the service provides further value with a variety of service menus, including network data traffic optimization, customer support, security diagnosis and marketing. NEC helps CSPs to plan and implement their business strategies by providing this service globally and continues to further enhance the analytics services tailored to the needs of the customers and market.

"BIGLOBE is fully committed to provide services that increase the value of the customer experience. With the recent introduction of the TMS Professional Service, we have been able to significantly improve QoE when users watch video and use the web on BIGLOBE Mobile," said Mr. Masaaki Nakano, Executive Vice President, BIGLOBE. "We will continue to provide services which users can take advantage of without constraint by utilizing NEC's knowledge."

"The TMS Professional Service is an analytics service that allocates big data, such as network data traffic, into management resources useful for business strategies," said Mr. Toshiya Tsuji, Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation. "NEC will continue to help CSPs solve their management challenges by applying analytics technologies developed by our research laboratories throughout the world."



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