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South Australia Police tap NEC for facial recognition edge over criminals

Melbourne & Tokyo, 1 August 2016 - NEC Australia, a leading technology services company, together with NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701), today announced it has been selected to deliver South Australia Police’s facial recognition system, its latest weapon against crime in the state to support forensic, investigative and front-line policing operations.

The facial recognition technology will help South Australia Police (SAPOL) solve crimes faster, apprehend criminals earlier, and assist with criminal investigations, including searching for missing persons more efficiently.  SAPOL expects the system to contribute to a safer community.

The turnkey system delivered by NEC Australia is based on NEC's internationally acclaimed NeoFace facial recognition software, featuring NEC's facial recognition algorithm which has been recognized as providing the world's highest authentication accuracy and speed*. The technology enables police to monitor, scan, detect and search images of suspects, even poor quality photographs and video streams, for matches against mugshot databases.

"The strength of NEC's NeoFace technology lies in its tolerance of poor quality images and surveillance video, which allows law enforcement authorities to use evidence previously considered of little or no value in order to achieve higher rates of identification," said Mike Barber, Chief Operating Officer of NEC Australia.

NEC Australia's in-country Research and Development team based in Melbourne is working closely with SAPOL to develop applications using NEC's world leading facial biometrics technology that meet the SAPOL operational requirements.

The facial recognition system offers SAPOL a powerful investigative tool that is integrated with other biometric technologies and core policing systems.

NEC's finger scanning and facial recognition technology have been implemented in over 70 countries around the globe to support customers that include law enforcement agencies and large enterprises.

The successful deployment with SAPOL demonstrates NEC Australia's commitment to deliver a safer, more secure and sustainable society by leveraging its internationally recognised technologies in traditional IT, smart infrastructure, communications, and public safety.


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