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NEC and the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan to conduct joint earthquake detection tests

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Tokyo, March 9, 2016 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) and the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan (CWB) have agreed to conduct joint demonstration tests for the early detection of earthquakes.

NEC has been engaged in the development of advanced technology based on specifications outlined by the Japan Meteorological Agency for over 20 years. These technologies are capable of promptly detecting changes in earthquake data and feature cutting edge systems that can transmit early earthquake warnings, tsunami warnings and other informational alerts. 

The CWB, as one of the few disaster prevention information providers in the world, possesses the technology to detect earthquakes in the territory of Taiwan and has a track record of running an earthquake alert system that can promptly provide situational updates after an earthquake.

"These joint demonstration tests aim to discover methods suitable for Taiwan’s geography that enable the prompt detection of earthquakes," said Takaya Kobayashi, general manager, 1st Government and Public Solutions Division, NEC Corporation. "The tests will be conducted jointly by NEC, which has a history of accomplishments in the same field with the Japan Meteorological Agency, and the CWB, which has a distinguished track record of operating advanced earthquake detection, analysis and early warning systems in Taiwan."

Taiwan, being close to the Philippine Trench, experiences many earthquakes, similar to Japan. Accordingly, rapid earthquake detection and warning systems are required in order to minimize damages and losses. At present in Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation possesses advanced earthquake detection technology to accurately grasp the earthquake situation and to contribute to the first response for disasters. The CWB also has an early warning system that promptly informs schools and major government organizations of the most recent conditions. 

The demonstration tests, using existing sensors in Taiwan, will validate the newly developed early earthquake detection software that NEC developed based on the Japan Meteorological Agency’s specifications, including the results for actual earthquake detection and the detection speed.

Through this joint demonstration test project, NEC and the CWB aim to establish even more superior earthquake detection technology that is suitable for Taiwan’s geography and to promote the development of systems that will contribute to earthquake and disaster preparedness in the future.


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