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Public Safety

NeoFaceĀ® Reveal

Face Recognition Deployment

Reduce Investigation Time

Face Recognition

NEC’s NeoFace Reveal is a latent face workstation that reduces investigation time for cases that contain facial video evidence, thus reducing case load for investigators. Another advantage of NeoFace Reveal is its rapid processing of facial evidence coupled with its ability to generate persons of interest list investigation immediately after the crime has taken place. This advantage allows investigators identify a suspect prior to the suspect evading capture by leaving the local community, state or country.

NeoFace Reveal shows an immediate return on investment for customers. It reduces investigation time and investigator workload. Most importantly, the solution helps turn the previously unusable images into hard evidence to solve crimes.

Turn Poor Quality Images Into Solid Evidence

Face Recognition

NeoFace Reveal enables law enforcement agencies to enhance poor quality latent face images for comparison to their mugshot repositories. This allows system operators to develop watch lists of potential matches while maintaining a full audit trail for each step in the image enhancement process. It also helps investigators identify individuals in crime scene photos and surveillance videos by matching facial images against the agency‘s mugshot repository. NeoFace Reveal also provides
a set of verification tools that helps identify the person in question in a timely manner, allowing investigators to act upon the search results in the critical time period after a crime has been committed.

Due to poor quality or angle of captured facial images, image enhancement algorithms can improve matching accuracy. NeoFace Reveal provides a comprehensive set of standard and advanced image processing enhancements to improve image quality and matching ability. The standard image enhancements include overall image adjustments and filters applied to improve detail and remove background noise. Some standard enhancements include crop/rotate, brightness, contrast,
intensity, smooth, sharpen, histogram equalization, noise reduction, aspect ratio correction, and de-interlacing. NeoFace Reveal also delivers several advanced enhancements, allowing correction of difficult to match images:

• Pose Correction – Pose correction attempts to generate a frontal
 face image from an image source that was captured off center. By
 manually marking specific facial features, a rotated facial image can
 be calculated, improving the facial matching score.
• Consolidation – Consolidation attempts to create a properly-posed
 frontal face image from a series of images. By selecting a series of
 images, a composite facial image can be created, allowing simulation
 of a frontal face image.
• Illumination – Illumination allows for correction of shadows due to
 off-center light sources. Manual selection of an area of the image will
 allow simulation of an additional light source.

Unsurpassed Accuracy & Matching Speed

NEC NeoFace technology’s strength lies in its tolerance of poor quality. Highly compressed surveillance videos and images, previously considered of little to no value, are now usable evidence and leading to higher rates of positive identification. With its proven ability to match low resolution facial images, including images with resolutions down to just 24 pixels between the eyes, NEC’s NeoFace technology outperforms all other face recognition systems in matching accuracy. While searching of latent fingerprints at crime scenes is standard, NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition technology can now positively identify latent photos with high degree of accuracy.


Global Leadership

NEC's biometric face recognition technology is used worldwide for fighting crime, preventing fraud and improving public safety. By applying experience in biometric identification solutions used in 40 countries worldwide over the past decade, NEC has concentrated on developing stronger face recognition methods within the framework of biometric security systems and is now applying face recognition technology to law enforcement and other markets.

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