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Open Telco Latam Summit 2023

June 21-22, 2023

Open Telco Latam Summit 2023 Open Telco Latam Summit 2023

What is the Open Telco Latam Summit 2023?

Join this major virtual event on the Latin American Open Network.

Telecom operators not only want more control over their own infrastructure, they also want to enhance the supply of solutions to access more agile markets with innovation and more competitive pricing.

This virtual conference will address the opportunities that are emerging as a result of network fragmentation in both hardware and software.

NEC’s appearance in the event

Roberto Murakami, CTO of NEC Latin America, is going to have a speech with Juniper Networks about the importance of Open Networks in 5G era, and how the role of SIer is crucial for structuring Open Networks.

The NEC’s Open Networks approach, the value of System Integration for Open Networking, and 5G Portfolio for Open Networks with Juniper Networks can be learned through the speech.

NEC Representation

Roberto Seiji Murakami
CTO, NEC Latin America

Agenda Session

Day 2 |  22 June  11:10 – 11:45
"El rol de los integradores de sistemas en el desarrollo de redes abiertas"

The Role of System Integrator in the development of Open Networking

  • What are CSP's Challenges in Open Networking?
  • The importance of SIer for Open Networking and NEC's capability
  • The E2E 5G portfolio by NEC & Juniper Networks