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NEC official social media account list

NEC official social media accounts are listed below.
All those accounts are strictly operated in line with NEC social media policy.



To follow official WeChat account, please search within WeChat application with account name (Chinese) and follow.

  • Account: NEC中国
  • Account:日电卓越-订阅号
  • Account:日电卓越-企业号
  • Account: NEC中国研究院
  • Account:日电微波
  • Account: NEC流通事业部
  • Account: NEC济南
  • Account: NECJNTEST
  • Account: NEC制造客户服务平台
  • Account: NECPF苏州
  • Account: NEC飞鼎克客流统计分析平台
  • Account:飞鼎克