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March 30, 2018

Toshinori Araki

Doctor of Engineering
Assistant Manager

Research Area

  • Security


  • Wakaha Ogata, Toshinori Araki:
    Computationally Secure Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme for Distributing Many Secrets. IEICE Transactions 100-A(1): 103-114 (2017)
  • Toshinori Araki, Assi Barak, Jun Furukawa, Tamar Lichter, Yehuda Lindell, Ariel Nof, Kazuma Ohara, Adi Watzman, Or Weinstein:
    Optimized Honest-Majority MPC for Malicious Adversaries - Breaking the 1 Billion-Gate Per Second Barrier. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2017: 843-862
  • Toshinori Araki, Jun Furukawa, Yehuda Lindell, Ariel Nof, Kazuma Ohara:
    High-Throughput Semi-Honest Secure Three-Party Computation with an Honest Majority. ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2016: 805-817
  • Wakaha Ogata, Toshinori Araki:
    Cheating Detectable Secret Sharing Schemes for Random Bit Strings. IEICE Transactions 96-A(11): 2230-2234 (2013)
  • Toshiyuki Isshiki, Toshinori Araki, Kengo Mori, Satoshi Obana, Tetsushi Ohki, Shizuo Sakamoto:
    New Security Definitions for Biometric Authentication with Template Protection: Toward covering more threats against authentication systems. BIOSIG 2013: 171-184
  • Toshinori Araki, Wakaha Ogata:
    A Simple and Efficient Secret Sharing Scheme Secure against Cheating. IEICE Transactions 94-A(6): 1338-1345 (2011)
  • Toshinori Araki, Wakaha Ogata:
    Efficient Almost Secure 1-Round Message Transmission Schemes for 3t+1 Channels. IEICE Transactions 93-A(1): 126-135 (2010)
  • Toshinori Araki:
    Almost Secure 1-Round Message Transmission Scheme with Polynomial-Time Message Decryption. ICITS 2008: 2-13
  • Joao Girao, Dirk Westhoff, Einar Mykletun, Toshinori Araki:
    TinyPEDS: Tiny persistent encrypted data storage in asynchronous wireless sensor networks. Ad Hoc Networks 5(7): 1073-1089 (2007)
  • Toshinori Araki, Satoshi Obana:
    Flaws in Some Secret Sharing Schemes Against Cheating. ACISP 2007: 122-132
  • Toshinori Araki:
    Efficient (k, n) Threshold Secret Sharing Schemes Secure Against Cheating from n-1 Cheaters. ACISP 2007: 133-142
  • Satoshi Obana, Toshinori Araki:
    Almost Optimum Secret Sharing Schemes Secure Against Cheating for Arbitrary Secret Distribution. ASIACRYPT 2006: 364-379


  • ACM-CCS 2016 Best Paper Awards


Joined NEC and assigned Central Laboratory