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Message for students 2022:Takuya Takaseki

January 31, 2022

Transferred via internal job posting: “My current job is just ideal”

Technology Value Creation Division
Takuya Takaseki

Joined NEC in 2016. During university, Takaseki majored in applied physics. After engaging in the development of a network management system for microwave transmission equipment at a business unit, he transferred to the Security Research Laboratories through an internal job posting for secure computation development. To accelerate business transfers, he is currently still working on secure computation development at the Technology Value Creation Division established in 2020.

Using the internal job posting to do the job I wanted to do

When I joined NEC, I was assigned to the development of software products for wireless communication systems at a business unit. Generally, a software development project consists of many processes, including definition of requirements and implementation (programming). The larger the scale of the project is, the greater the results for the organization becomes—while on the other hand, there are limitations on the extent of an individual’s involvement. However, at the Laboratories, you can claim ownership for your own research theme and express ideas in the form of programming. I was attracted to that, and therefore transferred to the Laboratories by taking advantage of the internal job posting.

Currently, I am working on the development of secure computation at the Advanced Technology Development Office of the Technology Value Creation Division. Secure computation is a security technology that enables computation of data while keeping it encrypted. With this method, you can use information that you do not want to disclose externally by keeping it encrypted while it is being used. For example, when multiple companies want to mutually provide data for combined analysis, this can be done safely using secure computation. When I transferred by applying for this job posting, I was wanting to deal with the latest technologies while growing them into products, so my current job is just perfect for me. I am enjoying it very much.

Of course, my previous experiences that I cultivated at the business unit are also being applied. My English proficiency was brushed up through corresponding with overseas customers at the business unit. At a business unit, you develop products by following a systematic process and steps. This has enabled me to understand the entirety of the product development process from the upstream to downstream, which has been very useful in value verification in customer environment and working on R&D with agility.

The ample educational system is attractive—skills acquired leads to work

NEC is a company with many attractive features, such as doing its own core research, having supervisors that take good care of subordinates, and hosting many kind people. The ample educational system is another one of its appealing elements.

NEC has various educational and training programs that support employees’ career development and upskilling. Since my major was physics in university, I joined NEC with no knowledge of information system. However, thanks to the ample training programs, I was able to acquire the necessary knowledge before starting work. NEC has a variety of training programs. You can also participate in external training programs, and there are also subsidies available.

To continue being active as a researcher and developer, you need to explore new research themes and acquire new skills. At the Laboratories, there is a system that supports study groups and other voluntary activities by interested employees. In my personal case, I have been studying cloud computing technologies since about two years ago. The skills that I acquired through studying are now put to use in my core job, which is secure computation system building. Being able to readily take forward-looking action is one of the great things about working for NEC.

Looking at the world, discussing with people with different specialties, and teaming up

It is very important to look at the issues in the world when conducting research. Instead of just being absorbed in research, it is also essential to go out and listen to what people have to say and gather information about what problems are out there, for applied research at a company. Rather than discussing only among researchers of the same specialty, you should also discuss with people with other specialties or ideas in order to come up with good ideas.

While there is a limit to what you can do on your own, if you team up with people with different specialties and strengths, you can showcase your strengths and establish and grow your specialty. By cooperating with someone who is good at something you are not, you can cover for each other. It is important to be mindful about the world and work on research together with people with different specialties. The Technology Value Creation Division, which I am a part of, has members with diverse specialties such as research engineers and business developers. I feel that it is an appealing organization in this respect as well.

I have been working on development toward the commercialization of secure computation. If we proliferate secure computation in the world, we will be able to do what we cannot do now, and this leads to solving social problems. Also, I hope to create technologies with an even greater social impact, building on the software development skills that I have cultivated up to today. I wish to contribute to creating a widely-used service that combines the Laboratories’ core technologies and the trend technologies available out in the world.

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