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This glossary explains basic meanings about NEC business' terms, technology terms, security terms, etc. on its presentation materials.


AFIS/Automated Fingerprint Identification System

NEC started the R&D for fingerprint identification technology in 1970's. Its efficient and accurate fingerprint identification system is highly regarded around the world. Today, NEC is one of the world's leading supplier of AFIS and it is introduced to law enforcements, etc.


cloud computing

To use IT resources via a network. Cloud computing let customers to create IT environment without having, and it allows saving IT costs since used only the necessary function when needed.


The concept introduced by NEC in 1977. "C&C" means the integration of Computers and Communications technologies. Based on this concept, NEC has been improved the technologies both of IT and Network. Today, the integration of Computers and Communications are proceeding and they are inseparable from each other.


DaaS/Desktop as a Service

It is the word derived from SaaS, and a format to provide desktop environment such as OS, software, hard disc, etc. via a network. Customers don't have to install OS, software and so on, so they can save time to build up their IT environment.

digital signage

It is a next generation information system with using digital technology. Digital signage distributes videos or images timely so it is used not only as advertising medias but also as information systems in various places such as hospitals, schools, airports, etc.

debt-equity ratio

"interest-bearing debt" divided by "owner's equity"



It is an IC-embedded passport and also called a biometric passport. The IC chip has biometric data such as an image of the holder's face, fingerprint, and so on.


factory computer

It is a computer used in a tough environment such as hot or dusty area in factories or outdoors.


It is an ultra-compact wireless base station installed in the home.

free cash flows

"Net cash provided by (used in) operating activities" and "net cash provided by (used in) investment activities." It is the cash to provide shareholders and creditors freely.


HEMS/Home Energy Management System

It connects various electronic devices in homes by ICT and controls them in right condition in order to save energy.

hosting service

It is a service to lend servers, networking equipment, basic software, etc for enterprise or individual customers to build their website or to provide internet services.



Information and Communication Technology

ID management

It is an ID number given to every citizen as a part of e-Government, or its management system.

Interest-bearing debt

It includes borrowings, bonds, convertible bonds, commercial papers, etc.


JOC/Japan Originated Company

Overseas offices and subsidiaries of Japanese company.



It is a name of open-sourced operating software for servers or PCs.

LTE/Long Term Evolution

It is the next step in high-speed standards for mobile 3G services. LTE is also referred to as 3.9G or even “Super 3G.” It permits high-data transmission speeds of 100Mbps.


MDS/Managed Desktop Service

It is a service format to regulate or operate rental PCs, provided by telecom service carriers or IT service providers.


net debt-equity ratio

"net interest-bearing debt" divided by "owner's equity"

Net Interest-bearing debt

"interest-bearing debt" less "cash and cash equivalents"


open source software

It is software which source code is exposed free. Open source software is allowed to be modified and redistributed.

OSS/Operation Support System

It is an operation support system for telecom service carriers to improve the efficiency when they provide communication services.

owner's equity

"total net assets" less "stock subscription rights" and "minority interests"

owner's equity ratio

"owner’s equity" divided by "total assets"


PaaS/Platform as a Service

It is a service format to provide system development tools, a set of IT environment for system operation, etc. via a network.


It is the product name for a point-to-point, ultra-small microwave communication system produced by NEC. Access lines among mobile BTS (Base Transceiver Stations) are the largest source of demand for this product.

physical security

It is something to protect assets physically, such as entrance and exit management systems, social infrastructure systems with image-identifying or biometrics technologies, etc.


ROE/Return on Equity

"net income" divided by "owner's equity"


SaaS/Software as a Service

It is a format to use or provide software. Customers use software as a service via a network without installing to PCs, and it allows for customers to save IT costs since they use only the necessary function when they need.

service platform

It is a infrastructure system composed of series of hardware and software, and it will realize a certain service, such as music distribution, online gaming, etc.


System Integration

smart grid

It is a next-generation power grid. It enables to control electric power supply by IT. Power companies can reduce CO2 emissions by controlling their electricity production in accordance with electricity usage.

smart meter

It is an electric power meter in home or plant to get real-time measurement of electric consumption. Smart meter is a key component for smart grid.

submarine cable system

It is an optical communication cable system lay down on the ocean floors and is used as international communications.



It is a coined term from telecommunication and informatics, and means to provide services with mobile communication systems toward physical distribution. In commercial telematics, it is expected to reduce emissions of CO2 by improvement of efficiency of physical distribution.

thin client

It is a terminal without hardware and composed of minimum device such as mouse, key board, display, etc. Or a system composed of such terminals.


unified communication

It is a unified system by various communication tools such as telephone, email, IP messenger, presence management, web conference, etc.



It is the brand name of the IEEE 802.11a/IEEE 802.11b standard, a wireless communications standard. Wi-Fi makes it possible to transmit and receive data inside of an office or home and used for portable device such as PC or game machine.


World Interoperability for Microwave Access: the popular name for the IEEE 802.16 standard, a wireless communications standard promoted by the WiMAX Forum.