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No matter what industry you’re in, staying abreast of the latest technological developments is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. The world has been evolving at an unmatched pace. We have witnessed a “New Normal” rapidly transform into a memory of “Covid times”. Generative AI tools have been taking the world by storm as people watch with bated breath, wondering what the future of our work will be like.

We are at the brink of a new zeitgeist and the only certainty is that we need to be prepared for anything. Organizations need to be ready to seize the opportunities of the digital age and overcome the obstacles at hand. But where does one begin? How does one know what to do?

Here’s where NEC can help. Established in 1899, NEC has 124 years of experience in helping governments and enterprises across 50 countries solve unique problems with innovative tech solutions. But it does not just end there. The approach is not only to provide future-ready solutions, but rather to provide the fundamental components essential for the development of transformational applications.

Digital transformation starts with the fundamentals

NEC’s future-ready offerings include three main components, namely – infrastructure, enablers, and technology. Infrastructure is a pivotal factor in any digital transformation initiative; it is the cornerstone that organisations must address before implementing transformational applications. Our infrastructure offerings include hybrid cloud services, cybersecurity solutions, and connectivity solutions such as 5G, Wi-Fi, LAN, and fiber.

Once you have the infrastructure in place, you may still need additional support in order to propel your business forward. Our enabler offerings can help you with that. To assist customers in financing their digital transformation journeys, we extend leasing options through NEC Capital.

Sometimes, businesses come to us with problems that we may not have the perfect solutions to. That is where we leverage our strong network of partners to develop end-to-end, best-of-breed solutions. For this, we maintain global partnerships with leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, AWS, and more.

Our commitment towards orchestrating a brighter world elevates us beyond product and sales. We have also established Centres of Excellence to enhance our customer service. For instance, we have the Intelligent Center Operations of NEC (ICON) in Malaysia, offering Managed Services and Cyber Security Defense Services.

Now that your infrastructure and enablers are in place, the next step is to equip yourself with technology that increases efficiency and optimises costs. NEC operates ten laboratories globally and takes pride in delivering multi-modal biometrics infused with cutting-edge A.I. technology.

With all three components in hand, you are now ready to help your organisation become future-ready today.

Spearheading digital transformation across industries

Let’s look at how NEC’s solutions can help your business and dive deeper into how our solutions deliver change and accelerate innovation across various industries, including:

Government Transformation: At NEC, we recognize the critical role that digitalization plays in modern governance. Aligned with our vision of a digitised world, we prioritise Digital Government initiatives, encompassing areas such as citizen ID, public safety solutions, e-health, and smart transportation. Underpinning these cutting-edge services lies our expertise in biometrics, AI, 5G, and cloud computing, which constantly empower governments to deliver more efficient and citizen-centric services.

Case Study: Smart town, a smart city of tomorrow (coming soon)

Manufacturing Transformation: We connect people, equipment, products, and processes together to increase operational profit and deliver better performance. We specialise in Connected Manufacturing, employing a data-driven approach within factory environments to not only enhance productivity through automation, but also improve visibility through visualisation. This allows us to deliver the best products and processes through quality control.

For instance, NEC helped revolutionise a Japanese electronics giant's operations with a Low-Code AI solution. Automating paperwork processing via OCR and AI led to a reduction in monthly time by 50%, boosting accuracy and freeing up human resources. This exemplifies NEC's Smart Manufacturing sustainability vision, driving efficiency and a greener future.

Case Study: NEC’s AI-powered System Invariant Analysis Technology (SIAT) helps detect operational anomalies and prevent accidents at production facilities. Read more here.

Workplace Transformation: In today's fast-paced business world, high-performance organisations need adaptive solutions that enable employees to work efficiently and responsively. We empower them by offering smart solutions that promote safety and flexibility in commercial spaces. Our platform fosters seamless integration across different areas within a building, allowing employees to work in diverse environments that suit their needs. This approach goes beyond traditional individual desks, incorporating real-time crowd management and touchless entry systems to optimise physical movements in smart buildings.

Case Study: NEC’s Video+Audio+Mobility (VAM) solution provides instantaneous communication globally with low operation cost. Read more here.

Customer Transformation: Businesses in the service industry, particularly retail, hotels, and food and beverage, need to promote customer loyalty and increase retention. We help to enhance the customer experience through the concept of omnichannel, reshaping stores to be distinctive, and creating unique branding for hotels to set them apart from competitors.

Case Study: NEC’ Smart Retail solution safeguards and improves transactions at Aeon Mall Indonesia (AMI). Read more here.

Urban Transformation: One of the basic human needs we all desire is safety. NEC’s solutions help make the streets you walk in safer, and the cities you live in smarter. Our network of edge devices, including CCTV cameras, drones, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, gather data which is then transmitted to a central command centre. AI technology is then utilised to analyse this data and make predictions, enabling the issuance of alert notifications to enhance city safety. This is how NEC's technology contributes to creating smarter townships.

Case Study: NEC India’s ICT solutions to help transform operations for the city of Tirupati, India. Read more here.

Rural Transformation: We help to bridge the urban-rural gap by providing connectivity, digitalizing community centres, offering skill-enhancing training, and enabling participation in the digital economy. With our solutions, rural residents no longer need to relocate to urban areas for employment; they can now stay in their villages with their families.

Agriculture Transformation: We assist farmers to improve crop yields and productivity through the use of IoT, 5G, and big data. The concept of smart farming is gaining momentum, supported by the growing capabilities of IoT sensors, which can furnish valuable insights about various aspects of agricultural fields. These include fertiliser application, pesticide use, tree health, soil conditions, and more.

Case Study: NEC’s Smart Farming Solution, CropScope, leverages AI insights to transform the agricultural industry. Read more here.

The future is here. Are you ready?

Picture this. Your business is thriving in a rapidly changing world. You're ahead of the curve, prepared for any challenge, and seizing every opportunity. Whether you're looking to improve crop yields, create a smarter city, enhance customer experience, or build a smart factory, we can help you get there.

So why wait? Step into the future with us today.

December 20, 2023