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Tech by popular demand –
The NEC Visionary Week returns
15 September, 2022!

Exciting news for all tech enthusiasts and visionaries- the NEC Visionary Week (NVW) 2022 has been officially announced, and the floodgates for registration are now open! Under this year’s theme, “Truly Open, Truly Trusted,” NEC would like to cordially invite one and all to join us in discussing future-defining technologies.

Recap of the NEC Visionary Week 2021

The inaugural NVW 2021 was the tech savannah’s watering hole, a virtual place where global tech experts gathered to hear from thought leaders on a wide array of topics along the event’s theme, “Seize the Future Together.” The theme highlighted NEC’s dedication to working with organizations bringing positive impact to a post-pandemic world, while also pivoting their digital transformation strategies amidst the global recession,

A total of six English sessions were held, with notable NEC heavyweights and dignitary guest speakers alike coming together to discuss topics ranging from reimagining the future of air travel to the future of the wealth management industry.

With over 30,000 attendants soaking up the knowledge at last year’s NVW 2021, you don’t want to be the only person in your office missing out on the latest tech talking points. Sign up to attend the NVW 2022 now!

What to expect at the NEC Visionary Week 2022

Discussions will center around this year’s focal theme, “Truly Open, Truly Trusted”. A more open and connected world has brought rapid innovation and great benefits, but also comes with the possibility of new challenges and risks. Through the sessions conducted in this event, we invite you to learn how we can maximize benefits and mitigate risks through keen strategies and cutting-edge technology.

Just like last year, a total of six sessions will be held, featuring an illustrious list of speakers including NEC President and CEO Takayuki Morita. We have assembled a strong gathering of tech’s biggest thought leaders across fields including biometrics, payment, communication, AI, and more. Check out our full list of speakers on the NVW 2022 website.

Each session will be held 3 times across 3 timezones (JST/CEST/CDT) so you can catch the action at your own convenience.

And just like last year, on-demand session recordings will be available for a limited time until 31 October, so you can watch highlights from the sessions you enjoyed, or catch any sessions you may have missed.

Of course, we have many more surprises to keep things fresh and entertaining, so keep an eye out for future news. Sign up now to be a part of this year’s mega tech event!

NEC Visionary Week (Free Online Event)
Thu, Sept 15, 2022
11:30am – 4:00pm

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(July 28, 2022)