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NEC Future Creation Hub KANSAI

NEC Future Creation Hub is a place where NEC and customers shape the future together.
Experience the fusion of technology and business; the power of interactive dialogue and co-creation to resolve client challenges and social issues; and the birth of new business models from innovative problem-solving.

Zone Information

Theme Zone
Exploring NEC's themes for social value creation and core technologies.
NEC Safer Cities
NEC supports the realization of safe, secure, efficient and fair cities by utilizing advanced technologies, such asbiometrics authentication and video analytics, to freely maximize individual capabilities and live a prosperous life.
NEC Value Chain Innovation
Through cutting-edge digital technologies and collaborative activities with customers, NEC will connect people,products and processes beyond the boundaries of enterprises and industries, creating new value.
Digital Transformation Platform
This supports digital transformation by providing ICT environment and services so that everyone can enjoy digitalbenefits in any environment.
Workshop to experience new value creation of society of the future while utilizing NEC's proprietary advanced technology and collaborative tools.