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Unveil your hidden potentials in the unique biometric key code

Every human being is born with a unique biometric key.
Up to now, we used these keys to identify or authenticate the identity of individuals. We are now attempting to apply these keys to personalized manufacturing.

In this CODE project, we take unique biometric information from the iris and convert this into graphic patterns to generate one-of-a-kind personalized fashion items and accessories. The objective of our project is to shine a light on the unique and diverse traits we are endowed with at birth, so that we may renew our awareness of the beauty that underlies our distinctive qualities and further discover the potential of biometric keys.

These fashion items and accessories are one-of-a-kind originals, created meticulously by hand in collaboration with creators who are deeply involved in the process of Japanese manufacturing. These include, Yuichi Hirose, fourth generation Edo Komon craftsman at Hirose Dyeworks; adachiyukari jewelry brand; and artisans of HARIO Lampwork Factory that manufactures heatproof glass.

Yuichi Hirose
Fourth generation craftsman at Hirose Dyeworks.
Windsurfing since the age of 10, Hirose received training as a potential competitor for the Sydney Olympics. He competed worldwide, and after graduating from university, he took over his family business. His experience led him to pursue the dream of ensuring that international audiences learn about his traditional Japanese craft of dyeing. Besides showcasing his products at trade shows and one-man exhibitions in Japan and overseas, he has launched “comment?” as a new brand featuring stoles, and is actively engaged in other activities to promote the culture and attraction of Edo Komon around the globe.

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A jewelry brand established in 2013.
How are objects that look so simple shaped and formed into the final product?
Yukari Adachi extracts minimal geometric shapes from our everyday lives and surroundings, and links, carves, and polishes these into new forms. Molds are formed through the interlinking of simple geometric figures with special attention placed on the depth of points, cross section of lines, and on stretching the mind to envision what is beyond the visible.

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HARIO Lampwork Factory
Established in 1921, HARIO is a manufacturer of heatproof glass that is not only highly resistant to heat, but it is also characterized by its stretchable, cohesive, and easily processable nature. These qualities are what make the intricate designs of HARIO’s accessories possible. Each and every piece that is shipped to the customer is meticulously crafted in the hands of artisans who have honed their skills through long years of experience in creating laboratory instruments and tableware.

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March 1, 2019
NEC will be exhibiting at SXSW (South by Southwest) 2019, one of the largest events for the creative economy held in Austin, Texas.
Our exhibit can be viewed during the interim of the Interactive Festival that showcases new technologies and business ideas. Come visit our exhibit at the trade show venue featuring our products entitled “Code” that are still in the conceptual stage, and experience a demonstration of our technology. Visitors to our booth can also take part in a demonstration in which their iris is scanned to generate a unique graphic pattern.

Exhibition period
Sun., March 10 to Wed., March 13, 2019

Austin Convention Center, Halls 2-5-923
500 E. Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78701

About SXSW
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