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FY2024: The NEC Group leading social transformation
A message from CEO Morita

This year, NEC is celebrating 125 years of using our advanced technologies to create social value. In this time of ever accelerating technological evolution, we can see ourselves transforming globally with greater speed, and growing our ability to lead social change. As the NEC Group kicks off this new fiscal year, I stand together with our employees throughout the world to continue to reliably provide essential solutions that reflect our understanding of market and human needs, and our ability to deliver exciting new innovations well into the future.

We stand on a strong foundation of digital technologies that include biometrics and AI—in addition to quantum computing, satellites, undersea cables, optical communications, smart city technologies, digital government and digital finance solutions. Yet there are still a range of emerging business fields where we can leverage our know-how to expand our technological capabilities worldwide—solving problems we haven't even considered yet.

In the field of generative AI, for example, our self-developed "NEC cotomi" service—with its high level of Japanese language performance—is already being used across a variety of industries in Japan. Through repeated challenges and successes, we are constantly driving the evolution of the most effective generative AI for each field we undertake. By expanding use cases and linking data, we capitalize on our strengths and expertise as a pioneer that is delivering new value.

AI is also a powerful asset in the security field, where the NEC Group has a proven track record. We are using generative AI to understand cyber-attacks on our own company, and the results are starting to show. The accumulation of ingenuity, experience and understanding that we gain by making ourselves our first customer will produce the know-how and trust to continue to reliably protect the safety and security of nations, governments, municipalities and corporations worldwide. 

In this way, we incorporate cutting-edge technologies into our own transformation and provide our clients with the valuable solutions that have proven their worth. This unique "client zero" approach is a major reason why our customers put their trust in us as their partner in digital transformation (DX). We are committed to remaining one step ahead by proposing realistic DX options that make a meaningful impact everywhere.

Beyond these cutting-edge technologies, NEC Group companies provide value that includes system construction, communication network development, hardware development and production, and data center operations. In these business fields, we will continue to support our customers with high quality and reliability that exceed their expectations.

We have now entered the fourth year of NEC's Mid-term Management Plan. We are increasingly confident that we are making steady progress toward achieving the goals we set forth in that plan. The driving force behind our progress is our diverse group of more than 120,000 employees around the world. Everyone has embraced the change in our organizational shape, culture, strategy and work environment. They have shown us courage and willingness to change in order to deliver value to our customers. We provide our employees with opportunities for growth and self-realization so that the entire NEC Group can achieve maximum results as "One NEC"—and as one team, we continue to transform ourselves into a truly global company.

Our purpose is to create the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency, and to realize a sustainable world in which everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. It is this special purpose that I boldly look forward to fulfilling together through our combined efforts as the NEC Group.

Takayuki Morita
President and CEO
NEC Corporation