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Accelerating digitalization of government through the synergy between NEC and KMD

The NEC Group's digital technologies have the power to make people happy. Now that the digitalization of government and finance is advancing around the world, what can the NEC Group do to create a society that leaves no one behind? Let's talk about the possibilities brought about by our partnership with KMD in Denmark.

Strengthening of DG/DF Organization: Leveraging the power of partnership

In April 2023, NEC implemented organizational reforms to further focus on the digitalization of government and finance. The digital government (DG) and digital finance (DF) businesses have been newly established into the "DGDF Business Unit," raising the gear towards the implementation of the 2025 Mid-term Management Plan.

To date, NEC has been steadily solidifying its foothold in the field of digital government. The acquisition of Danish IT company KMD in 2019 is an important milestone to these efforts.

Why Denmark? Why KMD? In Denmark, 90% of administrative procedures are digitalized, and most of the procedures can be done online, without having to queue at government offices. Denmark is ranked No. 1 in the United Nations e-government ranking, and it also has a high level of happiness among its people. KMD has been building platforms and applications to support this digitalization since the early 1970s. They have worked together with the government to create a convenient and transparent system.

What can KMD and the NEC Group offer by working together? Japan has also established the Digital Agency in 2021, with digitalization being an urgent issue to address. We interviewed key persons about the synergies created by the two companies together. Please watch the video below.

Taking a new step forward by leveraging KMD's track record and NEC's technological prowess

The four people featured in the video are Satoshi Nezu, who is currently seconded to KMD; Hans Jayatissa and Mette Heering Pontoppidan, who have been leading the digitalization at KMD for many years; and Takako Matsumi, who is in charge of administrative services business at NEC.

Hans and Mette are both in a position to talk about KMD's proven track record in supporting the digitalization of Denmark, a digitally advanced nation. It is this track record of KMD that has enhanced NEC's presence in the digitalization of government in Japan. Nezu and Matsumi explain the advantages that KMD offers, citing the fact that NEC was selected as one of the service providers for the government's Digital-invoice system scheduled to start in October.

"The new technologies of the NEC Group have enormous potential in digital government." "What we have thought of as common sense until now will no longer be common sense as digitalization advances." These words from the interviewers give us a sense of the new future that the synergy between KMD and NEC, which is backed by solid technologies and experiences, will bring about.