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Five visions of society (Overview)



Living harmoniously with the earth to secure the future

By 2030, the global population will have reached 8.5 billion, and with various planetary boundaries having been exceeded, humanity will face an ever-lengthening list of social challenges caused by global warming, natural disasters, and depletion of biodiversity and resources.
The realization of a sustainable global environment is therefore a mission for the whole of humankind.
So, how can society and people future-proof our precious planet?

Reduce environmental burden and more effectively utilize limited resources for a future where people live harmoniously with the earth

The year 2030 will be part of a transitional period in the transformation to a sustainable society, and the global environment, which sustains all human life and endeavors, will remain in a critical condition. Abnormal weather events and natural disasters will have become a part of life, which, coupled with a loss of biodiversity, will have a serious impact on human life, posing a challenge for society.
Continued population growth will also have exacerbated food supply, resource and water shortage issues.

Seeking to live in harmony with a sustainable earth, people will have started to change their behavior, paying more attention to the environment, and switching from owning goods to using goods as part of a sharing economy. Across society, stakeholders from industry, government, academia and civil society will need to work together, for example in implementing energy reforms for a decarbonized society or realizing a shift to a circular economy involving the efficient use of resources.

In supply chains and communities, visualized environmental information will be shared beyond individual companies and local government organizations. Meanwhile, co-creation among industry, government, academia and civil society will power the shift to green business models and the development of new environmental technologies. Answering the call to make behavioral changes at both the individual and societal level, people will use energy and limited resources efficiently and cyclically. Environmental contributions will be recognized and valued, creating a positive cycle between the economy and the environment, and ensuring the future of our planet. That is the kind of sustainable society we aim to realize.

Looking to the Future

NEC is visualizing environmental impact to realize efficient utilization of energy and resources
By creating the necessary social mechanisms, we are contributing to the realization of a sustainable global environment

Visualizing environmental impact to encourage behavioral change

To tackle environmental issues, it is important to first understand and analyze the current state of the global environment. Only if we can identify causes and issues can we then take effective response measures. NEC is using satellite and IoT sensing technologies to measure global-scale climate change and CO2 distributions. By visualizing and sharing information on the global environment, corporate production activities and consumer behavior, we are making people realize the need for behavioral change, which in turn helps reduce the burden on the global environment across society as a whole.

Impact: Increasing behavioral choices to reduce environmental impact

Establishing the structure for a circular economy

To use limited resources more efficiently and effectively, it is imperative to maximize the use of existing products, components and materials, and have systems in place to reuse and recycle resources. NEC aims to link product and component traceability with multiple AI technologies to enhance supply-demand coordination and optimize resource circulation. Working together with companies and governments, we are striving to create the infrastructure for realizing the transformation to a circular economy across the entire supply chain.

Impact: Reducing food loss, Improving resource recycling rates, Boosting product reuse rates

Energy management contributing to a decarbonized society

The realization of a decarbonized society requires the effective utilization of multiple resources, including the combination of renewable energies with existing power generation systems. NEC is contributing to the transition to renewable energies by building virtual power plants that optimize supply-demand balance through a combination of multiple distributed power sources. We will also work to improve lives in unelectrified areas by building solar power generation systems.

Impact: Spread of renewable energies, Decrease in unelectrified areas

Society – City

Nurturing prosperous cities with inclusive and harmonious societies

Sustainable city management and safe, secure and efficient city operations, coupled with optimal mobility services and finely tuned city services that fulfill a wide variety of needs and bring people together.
Cities will play an increasingly important role as the infrastructure that supports society, and as the base for services that support and sustain the daily lives of all people.
So how should cities evolve in response to people's diverse needs?

Realizing sustainable cities that bring people together in inclusive and harmonious societies

By 2030, the urban environment will be undergoing significant changes, with some cities becoming overcrowded and others experiencing depopulation. Taking into account their individual characteristics, each city will advance efforts to boost disaster resilience and create attractive cityscapes, while simultaneously reducing environmental impact, through, for example, decarbonization efforts. Financially efficient city management will thus become ever more important.

People living in the cities of 2030 will enjoy diverse lifestyles and will want to be able to select and utilize services according to their own personal preferences. More people will choose to base themselves in cities that match their own particular set of values. Cities will need to be able to provide mobility services that offer universal access and comfort and are safe in times of normalcy and emergency, as well as public services that are tailored to individual needs.

People living in efficient cities will be able to move around comfortably with mobility services they desire and be free to choose what suits them best from a range of integrated urban services such as sports, entertainment and community activities. Cities that are managed based on visualized data and simulations collected from the cyber world will be able to make progressive improvements to urban challenges utilizing insights and technology gained from industry-government-academia-civil society co-creation. NEC's aim is to realize just such inclusive, harmonious, convenient and sustainable cities that are full of life and endlessly evolving.

Looking to the Future

Expanding the possibilities of data utilization, NEC is contributing to sustainable city management, efficiency in mobility and other city operations, and city services optimized for individuals

Trusted "City as a Service"

For people to be able to freely choose and utilize the best services for them, cities must safely and seamlessly link and integrate various public services. NEC is working with stakeholders in industry, government, academia and civil society to build a digital trust infrastructure to manage personal authentication and data distribution. By doing so, we are helping to not only optimize cities as a whole, but also to provide safe, secure and trusted services for individual people and enrich their daily lives.

Impact: Democratization of data utilization, Enhanced convenience and safety

Control of mobility services

If mobility services could be controlled on a city-wide basis, this would not only boost the convenience of those services, but also help to reduce the burden on the environment by enhancing the efficiency of logistics and transportation. NEC provides various types of mobility management platforms, working with national and local governments and transport operators to comprehensively control transport on land, sea and air. In so doing, we will contribute to reducing traffic accidents and traffic congestion and realizing safer and more comfortable mobility.

Impact: Fewer traffic accidents, Less traffic congestion, Reduced environmental burden

Data-driven city operation

Digital twins that can visualize and analyze real-world data in the cyber world and perform simulations is a technology that holds great promise. Through city operating systems (OS), NEC is collecting various kinds of data and providing data-driven city operation infrastructure that will be capable of supporting the utilization of digital twins. In this way, we will contribute to speedy, evidence-based policy formulation and implementation, as well as the smart management and operation of cities.

Impact: Efficient city operation, Enhanced QoL

Society – Communication

Sharing hopes that transcend time, space, and generational boundaries

People around the world will be able to connect with one another with ease, transcending space, language and generational boundaries. The real and virtual worlds will be seamlessly integrated. These interactions will achieve new value creation and inspire ideas to solve society's challenges.

How will communication in 2030 change society and people, when humans and machines will have become part of multiply and deeply connected networks, sharing both contexts and experiences?

Looking to a society where people around the world share hopes and insights that transcend time, space, language and generational boundaries

In 2030, advances in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) will have brought about highly sophisticated, high-definition content. What is more, communication will not just be between people—networked and AI-equipped objects, as well as interactions between avatars performing activities on people's behalf, will be a normal part of everyday life, and communication volume will have increased dramatically.

As people spend more time in virtual spaces, even in the online world, they will seek communication that fosters deeper connections and creates new value. However, while globalization and diversity will make great strides forward, people may face more situations where society feels divided, which will in turn amplify the need for mutual understanding with others from different cultural backgrounds.

Global-scale collaborations that transcend various boundaries, such as language, culture, religion and values, will offer ways forward to solve social challenges and create new value. Even though people may not be in the same space and time zone physically, they will be able to transmit their contexts to one another, including their sensations, situation and background, and share in others' experiences and thoughts. This will promote a deeper level of mutual understanding for one another's ideas and emotions, across cultures and generations, creating a sense of togetherness. This evolution of communication and the overwhelming volume of information being exchanged will be constantly supported by an environmentally friendly, safe and reliable information infrastructure.

NEC aims to realize a society where people around the world find common causes that transcend language and diverse divisions, and who actively engage in various discussions and forums, looking to create new value and solve social challenges.

Looking to the Future

By realizing communication that ensures both comfort and safety, NEC is supporting co-creation through mutual understanding and collaboration among people around the world

Achieving Beyond 5G infrastructure

In a Beyond 5G world, besides ultra-high speed/capacity, ultra-low latency, and massive connectivity, ultra-safety/reliability and ultra-low power consumption will also be of vital importance. In order to make these a reality, NEC is working to enhance safety and security through quantum cryptography and to achieve ultra-low power consumption through optoelectronic fusion technology, including collaborative efforts with telecommunications carriers. We aim to achieve a society where anyone in the world can access the internet securely and for free.

Impact: Democratization of communications, Reduction in CO2 emissions

Communication infrastructure integrated with AI, avatars and VR

Acting on people's behalf and being deeply involved in various aspects of their lives, avatars must be capable of accurately ascertaining people's feelings and intentions. Based on our track record of developing many of the world's most advanced AI technologies and ICT, NEC provides integrated communication infrastructure that will be able to use cutting-edge AI to support deep communication between people and avatars. By providing such high-quality support for people, we will contribute to enhancing their quality of life and work.

Impact: Creating free time, Enhanced creativity

Next-generation means of communication

New and unprecedented means of communication are needed to help all people communicate freely, regardless of language or ability/disability, and enable them to bond deeply with each other. NEC is working on developing communication tools that convey people's five senses and feelings, and technologies that enable non-verbal communication. By overcoming communication barriers and eliminating communication gaps, we are contributing to fostering mutual understanding and shared hopes among the people of the world.

Impact: More inclusive societies, Providing collaborations that transcend language barriers

Society – Business

Creating sustainable societies by shaping new industries and workstyles

People's workplaces will have expanded beyond real spaces to include also virtual spaces. People will find fulfilment from workplaces and workstyles that best suit them. What kinds of industries and workstyles will be needed to create flexible, resilient and sustainable societies, where everyone can reach their full potential?

Creating a society with diverse and flexible working styles, where everyone is engaged

In 2030, the advancement and spread of technology will make working with AI and robots increasingly common. There are expected to be fewer constraints on workplaces and working hours than ever before and having people from around the world working together in a virtual office space will be entirely normal.

More people will seek self-actualization by actively learning new technologies and skills to get the jobs they want, and by contributing to society through their work. More and more companies and individuals will seek to solve social challenges that were previously thought to be insurmountable through co-creation that transcends the boundaries of the public and private sectors. Humanity's experience of COVID-19 will also heighten the need for sustainable societies that are resilient to disasters and pandemics.

New businesses will be launched with the cooperation of people around the world. Everyone will be able to contribute to business and society in a role of their own choosing. These diverse working styles will be supported by a sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Digitalization across society as a whole will relieve workers from undue burdens and make communities and industries resilient against disasters and other contingencies. NEC aims to foster these kinds of new connections between people and work, and realize a fair society where everyone can choose a way of working that best suits them and helps them achieve their full potential.

Looking to the Future

NEC is linking government, finance and industry, helping to shape industries and workstyles that enable people to unlock their potential

Support for work in remote or virtual spaces

Societies where workplaces have shifted to primarily remote and virtual spaces will need to create digital environments that enhance productivity, enable the remote/virtual monitoring of worksites in the same way as in the real world, and ensure that remote operations can be done safely. NEC is facilitating diverse working styles by providing comfortable, safe and resilient remote tools and virtual offices. In this way, we are supporting work opportunities and environments that ensure everyone can work at their full potential from any location.

Impact: Improved productivity, Eliminating disparities in working opportunities

Digital Government / Digital Finance

If people are to achieve their goals in work and in life, it is essential to eliminate complicated procedures and ensure quick and timely government services and safe and secure financial services. NEC is promoting safe, secure and convenient administrative procedures and digital settlement through the utilization of digital IDs, biometric authentication and anonymization, among other technologies. We aim to not only boost operational efficiency, but also realize a society that continually generates people-oriented services and innovation.

Impact: Citizen-centric transformation of government services, Social stability through democratization of data

Creating co-operative work environments with AI and robots

As remote work becomes increasingly common, it will also become important to find new workstyles for the essential workers who support society, such as those in the medical, welfare, manufacturing, logistics and retail sectors. Utilizing AI and robot technologies, NEC is supporting the safe control, automation and autonomy of complex and diverse tasks. Combining remote, automated and autonomous operations, for example in store operations or at warehouses and construction sites, we aim to achieve sustainable and highly productive working environments.

Impact: Eliminating labor shortages, Minimizing risk of emergencies


Bringing people together and filling each day with inspiration

In 2030, AI and digital technologies will have permeated all aspects of our lives, and experiences that seamlessly fuse together the virtual and real worlds will be part of everyday life. In a world where remote operations and robotics have advanced, people will have a wide variety of choices available to them. As lifestyles and values diversify, how can society bring people together and fill each day with excitement and inspiration?

Seeking a life where all people's values are respected, and everyone enjoys healthy and fulfilling lives, both physically and mentally

In the world of 2030, lifestyles based on remote operations and coexistence with AI and robots will be increasingly common and widespread. As digitalization progresses, people will enjoy ever greater freedoms in the virtual world, such as shopping, entertainment and learning, while making the most of their individual choices and lifestyles.

People will want to meet their self-actualization needs and achieve a sense of fulfilment based on their diverse values, such as being healthy in mind and body, having ready access to knowledge, and so on. They will therefore want services and experiences that support self-actualization and are optimized to their individual needs and life scenarios, including age, gender and interests.

All services and experiences will be provided in a timely way and suited to individual needs, thanks to the interlinking of different people-centric services and data, for example in healthcare, education and entertainment. Ever better experiences, accounting for diverse perspectives and feelings, will continually be created. People will be able to enjoy better lives filled with inspiration, as well as health in mind and body, long into the future. That is the kind of society that NEC aims to realize.

Looking to the Future

NEC respects the diverse values people seek and is supporting fulfilling and healthy lives, in both mind and body

Inclusion in education

With the spread of the internet, people are seeking wisdom and knowledge that are best suited to a diverse society and individual values. NEC is providing cloud-based education services with the aim of helping everyone to obtain learning opportunities for life according to each individual's proficiencies and life stages, as well as technology-related educational content. We are working to provide free, open and fair learning opportunities to people around the world.

Impact: Eliminating education disparities across different communities, Enhancing digital literacy

Contributing to individualized medical care

No matter where people live, they will desire access to the medical care and treatment they need. Besides treatment, care will also be increasingly focused on prevention. NEC is striving to implement highly reliable, safe and secure remote medical care and realize AI-assisted drug discovery and development, thereby contributing to establishing next-generation healthcare involving the integration of medicine, prevention and life sciences.

Impact: Providing care optimized for individuals, Improving hospital bed usage rates

Support for maintaining physical and mental health in the digital era

For people who hop between real and virtual worlds every day, maintaining not only their physical but also their mental health is highly important. NEC is working to visualize feelings and stress, utilizing AI and IoT. By enabling people to easily check their everyday physical and mental well-being, we are contributing to personalized health management.

Impact: Extending healthy life expectancy, Maintaining well-being, Improving daily habits