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As of April 1, 2024


portrait of Takayuki Morita

Takayuki Morita


Corporate Senior Executive Vice President

portrait of Kazuhiro Sakai

Kazuhiro Sakai


portrait of Masakazu Yamashina

Masakazu Yamashina


portrait of Shigehiro Tanaka

Shigehiro Tanaka

portrait of Toshifumi Yoshizaki

Toshifumi Yoshizaki

President of Digital Platform Business Unit

Corporate Executive Vice President

portrait of Hiroshi Kodama

Hiroshi Kodama

Managing Director, Corporate IT and Digital Division

portrait of Motoo Nishihara

Motoo Nishihara

President of Global Innovation Business Unit

portrait of Fumiaki Matsubara

Fumiaki Matsubara

Chief Japan Commercial Officer

portrait of Noritaka Taguma

Noritaka Taguma


portrait of Osamu Fujikawa

Osamu Fujikawa


portrait of Kunikazu Amemiya

Kunikazu Amemiya

President of Public Solutions Business Unit

portrait of Yutaka Ukegawa

Yutaka Ukegawa

President of Cross-Industry Business Unit

pportrait of Hiroshi Hashimoto

Hiroshi Hashimoto

President of Enterprise Business Unit

portrait of Daisuke Horikawa

Daisuke Horikawa

Managing Director, People and Culture Division

portrait of Michio Kiuchi

Michio Kiuchi

President of Telecom Services Business Unit

portrait of Hiroyuki Nagano

Hiroyuki Nagano

President of Aerospace and National Security Business Unit

portrait of Norihiko Kimura

Norihiko Kimura

Deputy President of Digital Platform Business Unit
Managing Director, NEC Digital Platform Division
Managing Director, Infrastructure Technology Services Division

portrait of Noboru Nakatani

Noboru Nakatani

President, NEC Security, Ltd.

Corporate Senior Vice President

portrait of Chikara Ishii

Chikara Ishii

President, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.

portrait of Atsuo Kawamura

Atsuo Kawamura

President, NEC Platforms, Ltd.

portrait of Kazunori Sudo

Kazunori Sudo

Managing Director, Platform Technology Services Division

portrait of Kazuhiko Shiraishi

Kazuhiko Shiraishi

Managing Director, Public Solutions Division

portrait of Akio Yamada

Akio Yamada

Managing Director, Research & Development Division

portrait of Shinichi Sasho

Shinichi Sasho

President, NEC Business Intelligence,Ltd.

portrait of Toru Kawakubo

Toru Kawakubo

Managing Director, Telecom Carrier Sales Division

portrait of Nobuhiro Ide

Nobuhiro Ide

Managing Director, Transport and Service Industries Solutions Division

portrait of Mitsuhiro Murooka

Mitsuhiro Murooka

Chief Global Strategy Officer
Managing Director, Global Strategic Planning Division

portrait of Mayuko Tatewaki

Mayuko Tatewaki

Managing Director, Marketing and Alliance Promotion Division

portrait of Yoshihiro Katayama

Yoshihiro Katayama

President, NEC Fielding, Ltd.

portrait of Masamitsu Kitase

Masamitsu Kitase

Managing Director, Healthcare Life Science Division

portrait of Kazuhisa Shimizu

Kazuhisa Shimizu

Managing Director, Manufacturing Industries Solutions Division

portrait of Asako Aoyama

Asako Aoyama

Managing Director, FP&A Division

portrait of Shigeki Wada

Shigeki Wada

Managing Director, Corporate Business Development Division

portrait of Yuka Shigesawa

Yuka Shigesawa

Managing Director, Cloud/Managed Services Division
Chief Diversity Officer

portrait of Tomoki Kubo

Tomoki Kubo

President of DGDF Business Unit

portrait of Tomonori Uematsu

Tomonori Uematsu

Managing Director, Global Network Division

portrait of Koichi Fujii

Koichi Fujii

Managing Director, National Security Business Division

portrait of Yoshihiro Mizuguchi

Yoshihiro Mizuguchi

Managing Director, Smart City Business Development Division

portrait of Takashi Sato

Takashi Sato

Managing Director, Network Solutions Business Division

portrait of Takayuki Iizuka

Takayuki Iizuka

Managing Director, OpenMissionCritical System and Common Carrier Solutions Business Division

portrait of Yuko Yamamoto

Yuko Yamamoto

Managing Director, Legal and Compliance Division

portrait of Takao Iwai

Takao Iwai

Managing Director, Financial Solutions Division

portrait of Aalok Kumar

Aalok Kumar

Head of Global Smart City Business Development Department
President and CEO, NEC Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

portrait of Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson

President and CEO, NEC Europe Ltd.
President and CEO, NEC Corporation of America

portrait of Yasuko Matsumoto

Yasuko Matsumoto

Managing Director, Group Internal Audit Division

portrait of Takahiko Kinoshita

Takahiko Kinoshita

Public Strategy Officer
President, NEC Nexsolutions, Ltd.

portrait of Kentaro Iio

Kentaro Iio

Managing Director, Aerospace and National Security Business Promotion Division

portrait of Sadao Kimura

Sadao Kimura

Managing Director, Retail Solutions Division

CEO: Chief Executive Officer
COO: Chief Operating Officer
CGAO: Chief Government Affairs Officer
CFO: Chief Financial Officer
CHRO: Chief Human Resources Officer
CIO: Chief Information Officer
CSO: Chief Security Officer
CDO: Chief Digital Officer
CTO: Chief Technology Officer
CSCO: Chief Supply Chain Officer
CLCO: Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
CAO: Chief Audit Officer