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Photo of Takayuki Morita
Takayuki Morita
President and CEO (Representative Executive Officer), Member of the Board (Member of the Compensation Committee)
(Date of Birth: February 5, 1960)

Takayuki Morita became President and CEO of NEC Corporation, a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that deliver benefits to businesses and people around the world, on April 1, 2021.

In the same year, Morita announced the "Mid-term Management Plan 2025" and released the "NEC 2030VISION," a roadmap toward the realization of the NEC Group's Purpose, which each reflect his commitment to Purpose-driven Management.

Previously, he was CFO, where he managed the financial strategy and operations of NEC's 100,000 employees and total revenue of $25 billion at the time. He was also responsible for Corporate Business Development functions, including the oversight of M&A and other investments that have reinforced NEC's solutions for society, such as major advancements in the digital finance, digital government and drug development fields.

Having joined NEC in 1983, Morita's experience in the global ICT industry now spans four decades, six years of which he spent working in the U.S. market. In the past twenty years, he has played a central role in the development of partnerships and alliances with corporations across the globe - having completed more than forty deals of corporate mergers & acquisitions and investments. Among his most notable accomplishments in this regard have been the spin-offs of the semiconductor, flat panel and passive component businesses; the creation of joint ventures in the wireless, enterprise communications and PC businesses; as well as numerous acquisitions in the consulting, ICT and managed services domains.

Morita holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the University of Tokyo.

Business Career

April 1983
Joined NEC Corporation
April 2002
General Manager, Business Development Division
April 2006
Senior Vice President, Executive General Manager, Corporate Business Development Unit
April 2008
Senior Vice President
July 2011
Executive Vice President
April 2016
Executive Vice President, CGO
June 2016
Executive Vice President, CGO and Member of the Board
April 2018
Senior Executive Vice President and Member of the Board (Representative Director)
June 2018
Senior Executive Vice President, CFO and Member of the Board (Representative Director)
April 2021
President and CEO (Representative Director)
June 2023
President and CEO (Representative Executive Officer), Member of the Board (to present)
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    CEO: Chief Executive Officer
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    CFO: Chief Financial Officer
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    CGO: Chief Global Officer