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Photo of Noboru Nakatani
Noboru Nakatani
Corporate Executive Vice President and CSO (Executive Officer)
President, NEC Security, Ltd.
(Date of Birth: January 29, 1969)

Business Career

April 1993
Joined National Police Agency
July 2007
Director, Economic and High-tech Crime Division, Secretariat, INTERPOL ( International Criminal Police Organization)
September 2008
Director, Information Systems and Technology, Secretariat, INTERPOL
September 2011
International Organized Crime Affairs Officer, Organized Crime Department, Criminal Affairs Bureau, National Police Agency
April 2012
Executive Director, Global Complex for Innovation, INTERPOL
November 2018
Executive Committee, INTERPOL ( Retired in March 2019)
March 2019
Retired from National Police Agency
April 2019
EVP, Corporate Officer, Yahoo Japan Corporation, Ltd.( Retired in March 2022)
April 2020
Executive Officer, GCISO (Group Chief Information Security Officer), Z Holdings Corporation, Ltd. ( Currently LY Corporation, Ltd.)
October 2020
Managing Executive Officer, GCTSO(Group Chief Trust & Safety Officer), Z Holdings Corporation, Ltd.
October 2023
Executive Corporate Officer, CTSO (Chief Trust & Safety Officer), LY Corporation, Ltd. (Retired in March 2024)
May 2024
Corporate Executive Vice President and CSO (Executive Officer), (to present)
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    CSO: Chief Security Officer