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November 7 (Thursday) [Venue: Hall A]

10:00 - 10:50 Keynote Address KI-1
Simultaneous English and Chinese interpreting provided
Digital Inclusion
Digital Creates a Brighter Future for All

Takashi Niino

President and CEO (Representative Director), NEC Corporation

Digital Inclusion is an important topic in a society where IoT, AI, and other digital technologies permeate all areas of life. In anticipation of the advent of this new society, NEC endeavors to solve various global-scale social issues by creating new social values through co-creation with our customers. Using case studies, this address will introduce NEC's initiatives in development of digital technologies for solving social issues, in expansion of values through the formation of ecosystems that leverage those digital technologies, and in social implementation aimed at enabling people from all walks of life to enjoy those technologies.

13:00 - 14:30 Special Lecture TO-1
Simultaneous English interpreting provided
Innovation management through creation of knowledge and reconstruction of organizations

Gijs van Wulfen

Founder, FORTH innovation methodology,
Senior Adviser, Business Model Innovation Association

Noboru Konno

President, Future Center Alliance Japan (FCAJ),
Representative Executive, Japan Innovation Network,
Professor, Tama Graduate School Managing,
and Director, Ecosyx Lab


Shin Yamamoto

Chairman, Business Model Innovation Association, Business Design Officer, CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.

In Europe and around the world, an increasing number of major corporations are implementing processes for simultaneously carrying out knowledge creation and organizational transformation. Gijs van Wulfen, who has 300,000 followers on Linkedln Innovation category, will explain a methodology that originated from Europe for combining design thinking and business thinking. He will be joined on stage by Noboru Konno, a leading expert in design thinking in Japan, who is also well versed in the state of innovation in Europe, to discuss value design for innovation management and concrete strategies for reconstructing organizations in major corporations based on recent global case studies.

Gijs van Wulfen, Noboru Konno, Shin Yamamoto

November 8 (Friday) [Venue: Hall A]

10:00 - 11:30 Special Lecture TO-3
Simultaneous English interpreting provided
NEC Future Creation Forum

NEC Future Creation Forum
NEC Future Creation Forum is a venue where intelligent minds and experts from around the world gather to conceive and discuss about the ideal future, the challenges for its realization, and the approaches to overcome those challenges based on the development of future technologies.
This year, new members will join the forum to discuss what needs to be done today for the future by building on last years discussions under the theme "Aiming for an abundant society, for all people in 2050."

Anthony Dunne

Speculative Design advocate

Dominique Chen

Information Studies

Keisuke Toyoda

noiz partner / gluon partner


Tokyo University of the Arts Depertment of Design Associate Professor

Katsumi Emura

NEC fellow


Michiaki Matsushima

Editor-in-Chief of WIRED Japan

(back row, left to right): Anthony Dunne, Dominique Chen, Keisuke Toyoda;
(front row, left to right): Sputniko!, Katsumi Emura, Michiaki Matsushima
13:00 - 14:30 Special Lecture TO-4
Simultaneous English interpreting provided
BOMA A new initiative by TEDĂ—Tokyo founder Todd Porter

Todd Porter


Martin Wezowski

Chief Designer & Futurist, Chief Innovation Office, SAP

Gunter Pauli

Founder, The Global ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) Network

Official Staff, Department of Simcity Buildit,

Kobayashi City, Miyazaki and Kobayashi Shuho High School Students


BOMA Japan's first-ever event in Japan, themed around the keyword "future creation," will be launched at Tokyo International Forum with Todd Porter, organizer of the event, as facilitator. Pioneers and leaders representing the Generation Z, millennials, NPOs, and venture entrepreneurs will speak about their ideas and experiences in future creation under the theme "Designing the future society and the city of 2050." Check the iEXPO official website for details about the speakers. Search with "NEC event."

Todd Porter, Martin Wezowski, Gunter Pauli
Kobayashi City, Miyazaki and Kobayashi Shuho High School Students, TOKYO JOSHI GAKUEN Students
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