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November 8 (Thursday) [Venue: Hall A]

10:00 - 11:00 Keynote Address KI-1
Simultaneous English and Chinese interpreting provided
Digital Inclusion
Digital Creates a Brighter Future for All

Takashi Niino

President and CEO (Representative Director), NEC Corporation

Digital Creates a Brighter Future for All
In anticipation of the advent of Digital Inclusion, a society where IoT, AI, and other digital technologies permeate all areas of life, NEC endeavors to solve the various global-scale problems and realize a brighter future for all while creating new social values with our partners and customers. This address will introduce the various initiatives and case studies aimed at the realization of the future that NEC envisions.


November 9 (Friday) [Venue: Hall A]

16:00 - 18:00 Special Lecture TO-5
Simultaneous English interpreting provided
NEC Future Creation Forum

NEC Future Creation Forum is a venue where intelligent minds and experts from around the world gather to conceive and discuss about the ideal future, the challenges for its realization, and the approaches to overcome those challenges based on the development of future technologies.
This year, we will discuss what needs to be done today for the future by building on last years discussions under the theme "Aiming for an abundant society, for all people in 2050."

Kevin Kelly

Founding Executive Editor of WIRED magazine

Yoshiharu Habu

Professional Shogi Player

Ryojun Shionuma

Chief Priest, Jigenji Temple

Chiaki Hayashi

Representative Director, Loftwork Inc.,

Katsumi Emura

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), NEC


Kumi Fujisawa

Co-Founder, Think Tank SophiaBank

(back row, left to right): Kevin Kelly, Yoshiharu Habu, Ryojun Shionuma;
(front row, left to right): Chiaki Hayashi, Katsumi Emura, Kumi Fujisawa
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