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November 7 (Thursday) [Venue: Hall B]

11:20 - 12:10 Special Seminar SS1-1
Simultaneous interpretation (From English to Japanese)
Creating a unique interactive customer experience through face recognition

Dan Hunt

President, FC Dallas

The National Soccer Hall of Fame opened at FC Dallas uses NEC's face recognition technology to provide visitors of all ages with a unique experience personalized to their individual interests by combining the exhibits with digital technology—a first among sports facilities. This seminar introduces a case study on providing a new kind of user experience that uses next-generation technologies to bring the history of American soccer to life.

13:30 - 15:00 Special Seminar SS1-2
Simultaneous English interpreting provided
Building a happy nation :
Denmark's digital government initiatives and Japan's future

Soren Henriksen

Executive Vice President, KMD, Denmark

Osamu Sudoh

Professor, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information studies, The University of Tokyo

Fumio Toda

Vice President, NEC

Denmark, ranked as one of the world's happiest countries, is No.1 in digital government ranking*. This session will delve on the issues encountered and solutions provided by KMD, who was at the helm of delivering the ICT for Denmark's digital government services. It will also feature discussions with experts about Japan's own digital government initiatives, in consideration of its social and cultural background.

  • *
    From: UN E-Government Survey 2018
Soren Henriksen, Osamu Sudoh, Fumio Toda

November 7 (Thursday) [Venue: Hall D1]

15:30 - 16:30 NEC Seminar 7-D
Simultaneous interpretation (From English to Japanese)
Next Generation CX and the Future of Travel

Greg Forbes

Managing Director, Airport Experience, Delta Air Lines

Allen Ganz

Customer Experience Vice President, NEC Corporation of America

NEC creates customer experiences that allow travelers to do more than to move from point A to point B. We make the journey easy, memorable and secure. The result is a completely new definition of what a travelers customer experience is and what it can be. In this session, join Allen Ganz as he demonstrates the ways in which NEC will power new transformations in the seamless travel experience and how customer experiences will forever change as a result.

Greg Forbes, Allen Ganz
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