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Takashi Niino
President and CEO
(Representative Director)
NEC Corporation

Photo: Takashi Niino

This year the NEC Group is again very pleased to join with NUA* to host the "C&C User Forum and iEXPO2017" at the Tokyo International Forum on November 9 and 10, 2017.

We are extremely grateful for the invaluable support received from NUA members, our business partners, and customers.

This year's event will feature a variety of lectures where top corporate executives and leading experts from different fields will share their valuable experiences and knowledge. It will also highlight case studies of advanced solutions from our customers.

In this event we will also introduce NEC's initiatives in delivering "Solutions for Society," which are aimed at the realization of "security," "safety," "efficiency," and "fairness"—social values that are essential for an abundant society, for all people. We will also hold exhibits, seminars, and demonstrations on IoT and AI, the computers and networks underpinning them, and advanced security technologies.

NEC is actively driving the digital transformation in collaboration with various customers and partners from around the world and aims to build a sustainable society.

It is my sincere hope that the C&C User Forum and iEXPO2017 will provide you with the opportunity to experience our leading-edge ICT and wide array of solutions and services, as well as enable you to generate new ideas and hints for your business.

I look forward to welcoming you all.

  • *
    NUA stands for the NEC C&C Systems Users Association