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[Venue: Hall E]


The Exhibit Hall (B2) will feature around 60 exhibits on a wide array of products, solutions, and cutting-edge technologies. We will use both stage and booth presentations to explain the exhibits.
There will also be many exhibits featuring hands-on demonstrations.
We are looking forward to welcome you at the exhibit venue.

NEC the WISE is a portfolio of AI technologies developed by NEC for enriching human intellect and creativity. This portfolio represents our strong determination to harness the wisdom of humans and AI working together to resolve the increasingly complex and intertwined issues society is facing today.

Sustainable society

Safe and secure society

Solutions aimed at inbound tourists
  • Services for foreign visitors to Japan, hospitality and multilingual translation services
  • Multilingual information desks
  • Enhancement of communication through image recognition
Public safety
  • Solutions supporting safety and security in Singapore
  • Face recognition in U.S. airports
  • Smooth face recognition without stopping or acknowledging the camera
  • Walkthrough face recognition gate control
  • Remote gaze-detection technology that enables detection of line-of-sight from remote locations
  • Crowd management aimed at realizing comfortable urban spaces
  • New surveillance solutions for sensing abnormalities through sound
  • Surveillance of critical infrastructures and public facilities using video analytics
  • Real-time image sharpening for surveillance operations
  • Mitigating cyber attacks through cloud-based security measures
  • Use of AI to detect cyber attacks and support prompt recovery from incidents
  • Cybersecurity consulting services
  • Authenticated encryption (R&D)

Safe and highly efficient infrastructures

Platform for realizing a sustainable society
  • IoT service platforms for realizing a sustainable society
Agricultural ICT
  • AgriTech solutions that combine agriculture and ICT
  • Co-creation of energy business utilizing AI and IoT
  • Initiatives in NEC's mobility business (Data communication, image analysis)
Smart infrastructures
  • Smart infrastructure maintenance solutions for enhancing inspection and maintenance management of structural infrastructures
  • Control system for safely, securely, and efficiently operating drones
  • Infrastructure monitoring through satellite synthetic aperture radar

Abundant and equal society

  • Digital home assistant
  • Product preference matching in accordance with needs of senior citizens
  • Extending healthy life expectancy/regional medical and nursing care management
Public-private data collaboration
  • Future and new business arising from "My Number"
  • Public-private data utilization solutions in the AI/IoT era
  • *
    Contents of exhibitions are subject to change.

Value chain innovation

Make / Common
  • Monozukuri based on AI/IoT for the Digital Transformation Era
  • Case studies of implementation of NEC IoT solutions aimed at the next-generation monozokuri
  • AI-based demand forecasting in the food value chain
  • Value chain logistics supporting logistics infrastructures
  • Next-generation store solutions for convenience and efficiency
  • Customer contact point improvement through robots and AI biometric authentication
  • Electronic payment services for improving convenience and optimizing store operations
  • E-payment services based on iris authentication
Solutions common to different industries
  • Corporate virtual reality (VR) solutions, augmented reality (AR) using smart glasses
Solutions for medium-sized enterprises
  • Monozukuri IoT for medium-sized enterprises

Solutions and platforms underpinning the digital transformation

  • Personal behavior analysis
  • Internet user behavior analysis
  • One-step-ahead future sales style: AI support for your business activities
  • Automated response using AI
Work style innovation
  • NEC's work style innovation solutions
  • Support for health promotion measures geared at health management in companies

NEC the WISE IoT Platform

  • Innovating business with AI, Predictive Analysis Automation
  • Device failure prediction through deep learning
  • Using AI to solve medical field issues brought about by an ageing population
Cloud, SDN*, high-performance servers
  • *
    SDN (Software-Defined Networking)
  • Create innovativeness through AI! Automation of failure log analysis operations
  • Accelerating digital transformation through the latest cloud solutions
  • Cloud-based face recognition
  • Achieving reliability and speed through SDN* for medium- to small-scale enterprises
  • Cloud use, and global operations; AI processing acceleration using vector computing (R&D)
Next-generation networks
  • Digital transformation through partner ecosystems realized by 5G
  • Communications operation and maintenance services using AI
  • New computing style using hearable devices


Co-creation activities and case studies for solutions introduced by our customers are also featured in exhibits other than in the "Co-creation Corner."

  • Co-creation at NEC: Envisioning the future with customers towards social value creation

From the seafloor to outer space

  • Challenge into space: NEC's space solutions, submarine cable systems underpinning international communications

"NEC the WISE" is also featured in many exhibits other than in the "NEC the WISE" corner.