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[Venue: Hall E]

We will introduce NEC Solutions for Society through case studies and initiatives in creating social values with our customers and partners.

Creating Societies that are Safe, Secure, Efficient, and Equal

Future Zone

Bringing amazing ideas to life

See how customer experience can be maximized, such as shopping in the near future,
recognition technologies that can distinguish each individual, and marketing that meets future needs.

    • A future city, serviced by face recognition -Personalized travel experience-
    • [Case Studies] Fast travel enabled by face recognition
    • Fan Marketing Solution
    • Laborsaving store
    • Video Analytics Solutions for Retail
    • Marketing Segmentation
    • Smart Hospitality Service
    • A prototype of large drone
    • Targeting advertising digital signage using video analysis technology
    • Identification by iris recognition while walking (R&D)

NEC Safer Cities

Creating smart cities and realizing a society where people live abundant lives

NEC contributes to the realization of safe, secure, efficient, and equal smart cities where people have more freedom to exhibit their full individual potential and live abundant lives.

NEC Value Chain Innovation

Widening the "circle of connection" to create new values

NEC connects people, things, and processes beyond corporate and industrial boundaries to create new values by leveraging leading-edge digital technologies and through co-creation with partners and customers. We endeavor to support a society and a future where people live abundantly through harmonious coexistence with the earth and sustainable growth of companies.

Advanced digital platforms that transform society, industries, and lifestyles

Bringing about innovation to enable equal access to the benefits of digital technologies

NEC provides platforms based on AI, biometric authentication, 5G, cloud, security, and other technologies that are essential for digital transformation.

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