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[Venue: Hall E]

Exhibits of products, solutions, and services under more than 50 themes are displayed at the Exhibit Hall in Basement 2F.
NEC members will explain the exhibits through stage presentations and demonstrations.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the exhibit venue.

NEC Safer Cities

NEC supports the realization of safe, secure, efficient, and equal cities, where people have more freedom to exhibit their full individual potential and live abundant lives through the use of biometric authentication, video analytics, and other cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies.

Smooth airport procedures, efficient transportation
Smooth airport procedures using face recognition (FAST TRAVEL), railway maintenance based on IoT, AI-based transport operations, monitoring and health management of crew members based on biometric data IoT
Critical infrastructure surveillance, disaster countermeasures
Safety administration for cities, stadiums and other critical facilities based on face recognition and video analytics from a central command center, detection of signs of landslide disasters using sensors, river surveillance based on image AI analytics
Citizen-friendly digital government
Better societies realized through revision of existing frameworks and rules through public-private cooperation
New urban development approach
City operations and creation of new citizen services (data utilization platform, volunteer support, multi-language support), opportunities from the sharing economy, IoT-based safety administration using street lights, new services integrating various types of energy
Advanced and efficient health care
AI-based health management, healthcare setting reform, nursing care planning; new cloud-based service that begins with history taking

NEC Value Chain Innovation

NEC connects people, things, and processes beyond corporate and industrial boundaries to create new values through leading-edge digital technologies and co-creation with our partners and customers.
We endeavor to support a society and a future where people live abundantly through harmonious coexistence with the earth and sustainable growth of companies.

Improving overall throughput and quality by organically connecting the entire supply chain using PLM-SCM-MES, IoT, and other ICT solutions.
Introduction of the latest case studies and technologies in "servitization"
Demonstration of logistic processes automated through automatic transport and image-based inspection, and introduction of solutions for optimizing inventory, personnel, and routes using AI, and ICT that contribute to the realization of a mobile society
Exhibit of unmanned store using face and image recognition technologies.
Introduction of solutions necessary for the stable operation of unmanned stores, such as equipment operation management and video surveillance solutions, in addition to hands-on demo of face recognition technology
Introduction of applications geared for visitors and dashboards for operators at customer facilities, as well as AI-based solutions for optimizing inquiry response services
Introduction of near-future concepts and case studies based on FinTech and AI, including face-based payment services that combine safety and convenience through the use of high-accuracy face recognition technologies

Platform services that accelerate Digital Transformation

NEC provides flexible platform services that enable equal and immediate access to the benefits of digital technologies-services that are needed in bringing about digital transformation of cities and enterprises.

Work style reform
Work style reform solutions that enable flexible work styles through work optimization using AI and RPA, telework, and "co-creation style"
NEC Biometric Authentication: Bio-IDiom
Easy-to-use and accurate biometric authentication solutions (face, iris, fingerprint/palmprint, finger vein, voice, and ear acoustics). Connecting people and societies and people around the world to enable safer use of digital services.
NEC's AI "NEC the WISE" and IoT
Products and services under the "NEC the WISE" portfolio, NEC's cutting-edge AI technologies that enrich human intellect and creativity through sophisticated utilization of data; cloud services for promptly and flexibly responding to customers' AI and IoT use needs
Cyber Security
Security solutions that protect societies and businesses from cyber attacks through reinforcement of ICT environment and IoT device countermeasures and through assessment of potential risks in OT systems
High-performance computing
Futuristic SX-Aurora TSUBASA vector computers and quantum computers with unparalleled processing speed
Use cases of IoT, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), and other 5G network solutions that connect people, things, and concepts, and create new values
From the seafloor to outer space
Optical submarine cable systems supporting international communications, space utilization services, Hayabusa 2 asteroid probe

NEC strengths underpinning social value innovation

It cannot be stolen, lost nor forgotten.
You hold the safest key. YOU.

Users can choose from and combine any of six biometric authentication solutions to meet various needs and for various use scenarios. As a pioneer, NEC has conducted research and development in biometric authentication for more than half a century to provide user-friendly, accurate, and secure biometric authentication solutions, thereby connecting people and societies and people around the world to enable safer use of digital services.

AI technologies from NEC for enriching human intellect and creativity
Includes 26 technologies in the three functional domains of "visualization", "analysis", and "prescription".
To address the increasingly complex and intertwined social issues and problems customers are facing, NEC offers innovative solutions that combine the world's No. 1 and Only 1 AI technologies and creates new social values.

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    Contents of exhibitions are subject to change.