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OpenStack Summit Boston 2017

NEC at OpenStack Summit Boston 2017

NEC is the Spotlight Sponsor for OpenStack Summit Boston 2017 (May 8-11) and will involve several sessions and booth exhibition. Please join us!

Big Telecom in Japan, KDDI, Collaborates with NEC and Red Hat to Complete Successful Trial of Next Generation Enterprise Platform
May. 8 (Mon) 4:40pm – 5:20pm

KDDI is one of the largest telecom operators in Japan, with a wide range of business within the telecom and network services industry. Last year, KDDI, decided to look at a next generation enterprise platform using OpenStack, and decided to partner with Red Hat and NEC. KDDI named the project CKKB, the overall goal of the CKKB project was to reduce the operation cost by 90%.

Booth and Demonstrations

NEC Cloud System (OSS Building Model)

Providing a flexible open private cloud environment.
Accelerate business innovation by digital and the launch of new business system (SoE) that take advantage of the IoT.
50% shortening the building period by combining pre-proved functions in accordance with system requirements.
Other OSSs are also used for functions not to be able to satisfy some of requirements by using OpenStack itself.
OpenStack and other OSS specialized organizations provide thorough quality assurance and one-stop support for the entire infrastructure to realize high reliability.
IaaS/NFVi Performance Simulator makes your OpenStack Private Cloud system easy to design.

Orchestrating multivendor VNFs

The demo will show how service providers can quickly grow a portfolio of multivendor VNFs using OpenStack products and extensive NEC/Netcracker Orchestration to automate operations. It will feature rapid onboarding, using VNF TOSCA CSAR packages, and lifecycle management of complex multi-component mobile core VNFs including the healing and live upgrades of VNFs and their components.

The demo will also highlight NEC/Netcracker Ecosystem 2.0 which takes partner VNFs beyond onboarding to create commercially ready services, including service design, modelling, deployment and BSS integration.

Breakout Session from NEC Members

Deploying designate for disaster recovery
May. 8 (Mon) 11:15am – 11:55am

Disaster recovery (DR) is one of most important use cases that we hear from our customers. Setting up multi region designate for disaster recovery scenario significantly minimizes the impact on dns data in the event of disaster, as designate pushes customer zones across multiple regions so that the customer will be unaffected in case of disaster in one region. In this session we will see how designate can be configured in multi regions for disaster recovery in public cloud environment . And also showcase a small demo on how designate feature and services can be leveraged for disaster recovery process.

Lessons in IPv6 deployment in OpenStack environments
May. 8 (Mon) 12:05pm – 12:45pm

More operators are deploying OpenStack environments using IPv6 due to the IPv4 address exhaustion. Recent releases of OpenStack supports production quality of IPv6 deployments for tenantsby leveraging the combination of Neutron features.

Swimming upstream – Doctor project case study
May. 8 (Mon) 2:50pm – 3:30pm

Based on the lifecycle of the OPNFV Doctor project, this case study shows how operator requirements "on paper" have successfully been realized step-by-step and in close cooperation with upstream community projects into a mature fault management framework. A demo of the solution had been presented in a keynote at the last OpenStack Summit. The talk will describe how we have worked in the OPNFV Doctor project and will provide some lessons learned on this journey. With significant experience now of working OPNFV requirements upstream to OpenStack, we'll share best practices for submitting contributions upstream, how to best communicate, and how to overcome the primary challenges.

Demonstrate the efficient strategy to backup OpenStack Resources
May. 8 (Mon) 3:40pm – 4:20pm

Backup the OpenStack is always a big and open challenge for operator or admin. If we do not have good solution then it is very painful and time consuming. One of the key goal of operators is to keep taking Cloud backup and make sure about user data and usability.

Deploying Containerized OpenStack : Challenges & Tools Comparison
May. 9 (Tue) 2:00pm – 2:40pm

Nowadays many tools to deploy OpenStack in Containers are used, some of them are Kolla-kubernetes, Stackenetes etc but which is the best and what should i choose as an Operator or cloud provider?" is a very big question.

Future of Containers in OpenStack
May. 9 (Tue) 5:30pm – 6:10pm

OpenStack is a mature project widely adopted by organizations. After enough buzz and momentum, Containers have also matured.

Distributed Monitoring and Analysis for Telecom Requirements
May. 10 (Wed) 11:50am – 12:30pm

Many telecom companies have started using OpenStack for NFV, MEC and RAN. During this experience, additional requirements have come from the telecom environments due to strict quality criteria and their diverse services. KDDI Research has been led "Recover first, Resolve next" PoC project for closed-loop operation in TM Forum ZOOM.

Organisation Culture : A catalyst for OpenStack Community
May. 10 (Wed) 2:40pm – 3:20pm

OpenStack community development in traditional organization requires change in culture. Such changes are difficult to drive and nurture in organization which promotes open source as well as closed source. This paper talks about key motivators for organization to go for Open Source. Further once decided, how to create and promote such culture in organization.

High availability and scalability management of VNF
May. 11 (Thu) 2:20pm – 3:00pm

Now network function virtualization(NFV) is growing rapidly and widely adopted by many telcom enterprises. In openstack Tacker takes the responsibility of building a Generic VNF Manager (VNFM) and a NFV Orchestrator (NFVO) to deploy and operate Network Services and Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) on the infrastructure platform. For the VNFs which can work as a loadbalancer or a firewall, Tacker needs to consider the availability of each VNF to ensure they are not overloaded or out of work. To prevent VNFs from being overloaded or down, Tacker need to make VNFs HA and auto-scaling. So in fact the VNFs of certain function should not be a single node, but a cluster.

OpenStack-Kubernetes Integration, What is left?
May. 11 (Thu) 4:10pm – 4:50pm

Containers along with next generation challenges such as orchestration and serverless computing continue to draw interest across the application developers and data center operator communities because of the enormous potential of the technology and the rapid pace of change.

Lightning Talk from NEC Members

New Project Meteos : Machine Learning as a Service
May. 8 (Mon) 4:40pm – 4:50pm

Machine Learning is becoming a new trend in Big Data industry.
Meteos is a new Project which provides Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) in OpenStack.
Meteos allows users to analyze huge amount of data and predict any value by data mining and machine learning algorithms only by executing API.

Panel Talk from NEC Members

Ambassador Community Report
May. 10 (Wed) 5:20pm – 6:00pm

Meet with the ambassadors on this session where they will introduce the improvements of the last half year and share their feelings and experience about the community.

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