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Rapid urbanization has brought about a swift change in social environments around the world. Decreased birthrates, aging population and vast diversification of personal lifestyles are among some of the challenges that cities are facing today. NEC is determined to help develop attractive, sustainable cities which empower its citizens, embrace their diversity and protect their wellbeing.

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Toyama-City video

A safe and secure city that cares for everyone.
A richly unique city that fosters the civic pride of its residents.
Toyama, a coastal city of about 400,000 people in Japan, aims to be a sustainable compact city driven by public transportation, by building an information infrastructure that enables the movement of people and goods to be visualized and cross-sectoral data to be utilized.

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The NEC Group is focusing on leveraging its strengths in information and communications technology (ICT) to promote digital transformation to change our lives and businesses for the better, and to offer Solutions for Society that increase the sophistication of infrastructure systems and services that are indispensable to society.
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The acceleration of globalization is seeing more people on the move, shifting fluidly between countries for business and leisure purposes. In order to create a safe, secure and seamless travel experience, NEC has utilized its cutting-edge biometric technologies to develop automated border control solutions across the globe.

Face Recognition and Thermal Temperature Screening Solution (Case story of Hawaii )

Contactless, autonomous and hygienic, NEC’s Thermal Prescreening Solutions efficiently screen individuals passing through high human trafic facilities, with different options for various environments.
Combined with our industry-leading, highly accurate face recognition technologies, NEC’s Thermal Prescreening Solutions promise a fast and accurate matching of faces for people identification.
NEC Corporation, NEC Corporation of America and their partner were selected by the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) to provide thermal temperature screening and face recognition technology at Hawaii's public airports to help protect the community and identify passengers with a potentially elevated body temperature. More details on:

Thermal Screening Solution

In 2018 and 2020 Denmark was ranked first in United Nations ”E-Government development Index”. Public digitization in Denmark has been driven through a strong digitalization vision and a series of clear national digitalization strategies with the citizen in the center. KMD has played a big part in Denmark’s digital transformation, delivering many of the solutions that today form the foundation of the digital Denmark.
About KMD

Enterprise Information Management Platform – Digitizing, Optimizing and Automating the Inner Workings of an Agency

KMD WorkZone offers digitization in all dimensions of the case management process; from client/citizen self-service, internal approvals, processing and workflows to document storage, statistics and archiving, while ensuring legislative and regulatory compliance in all aspects. It covers an organizations' need for complete insight into the performed business processes, knowledge sharing, knowledge management, calendar management, collecting and storing all types of communication with citizens, customers, and businesses as well as general secretarial tasks. KMD WorkZone contains standard processes for managing approvals, submissions, and hearings as well as extended processes for the public sector, such as processing of requests for access to information. Moreover, it contains a highly flexible workflow system that enables modeling the complex and dynamic workflows of an Agency.

KMD WorkZone

Sustainability & Climate Management Platform

KMD Eco2 is a cloud-based solution that supports the entire value chain from raw meter data retrieval and complex data validation to energy management & real time reporting. KMD Eco2 handles large volumes of sustainability data from multiple data sources (Data hub, Smart meters, Scada systems, IoT devices etc.) that allows for monitoring and meeting strategic targets on e.g. emission management and indoor climate, correct billing and settlement across utility types etc. KMD Eco2 visualizes energy consumption and CO2 emissions with the ability to setup notifications, alerts, budget deviations and benchmarking for energy advisory and management initiatives.


Customer Information System and Settlement & Billing Platform

KMD Elements is a modern customer information system and settlement & billing platform designed to support multiple roles and to meet the increasing complexity in the energy market. It is built to automate and support complex processes through a highly flexible configuration of objects, products and contracts, and an advanced formula engine to calculate on increasing amounts of timeseries data. Processes are handled through data-driven dashboards. The system is delivered as API-based modules and can be customized to fit into different system landscapes through integrations. KMD Elements is a cloud-solution based on Azure technology and delivered to clients as Software-as-a-Service.

KMD Elements

Flexible and Fast COVID-19 Screening for Private and Public Companies

In collaboration with Qlife, KMD offers Covid-19 screening for private and public companies. We offer a flexible, fast, and valid test result. The test has a sensitivity of at least 95% which is the market standard for PCR tests, and a specificity of 100% - this means no false positive results.
We provide a simple and flexible setup allowing you to have you test done on almost any location. And as soon as the test results are ready, they can be read from our online web portal, giving you a simple overview of test results.

COVID-19 Testing Platform

Sports Management Platform - Create Structure and Control Your Value Chain with Clubtimiser

KMD Clubtimiser CRM and Analytics is a business specific solution, which helps professional sports clubs control their value chain, such as pipeline management, account management, capacity management of products, an overview of sponsorships, event management, etc. The solution frees up time for the sales representatives and enables the sales department to focus on new sales to existing sponsors, new sales to new sponsors and easy resigning of existing sponsorships. It increases efficiency, minimises the administrative burdens and unlocks cost savings in the entire administration, and enables the clubs to engage with the sponsors often and easily, it provides the sponsors with an easy access to the clubs and it makes the sponsors feel significantly more valued throughout the entire sponsorship period.

KMD Clubtimiser

Automated GDPR - Remove the Work Burden and Strengthen the Work Joy

KMD Automated Compliance provides you with concrete and effective help to comply with the GDPR by automatically scanning for personally identifiable information in your unstructured data across all data sources. The software can be used in both private and public sector and is easily set up to fit your rules for data compliance. The solution is multilingual.
KMD Automated Compliance helps to move, clean up and delete personally identifiable information based on the rules you set up in the solution. This helps you to comply with regulations in a fast and effortlessly way. At the same time free up resources to focus on your core business. KMD Automated Compliance makes the employee aware of what data needs to be handled in their mailbox with a smart GDPR mailbox. At the same time, the compliance manager, and the management gain insight via a BI reporting environment, which shows the specific challenges with the organization's data across data and deletion rules.

KMD Automated Compliance

Intelligent Data Platform Ecosystem

KMD Insight offers a unique and unified data analytics ecosystem offering an infrastructure including software and analytics capabilities serving more than 700 unique data modules from more than 50 data sources. More than 25.000 dedicated users collaborate daily via the KMD Insight platform and the platform support a large part of the Danish public sector with required data, which empower Denmark as a unique data driven welfare leader. KMD Insight is capable of processing large, complex, diverse data in near real time and in a scalable environment. It handles ingestion, processing, and analysis of data that is too large or complex for traditional database systems. The platform supports both batch processing of big data sources at rest, real-time processing of big data in motion, interactive exploration of big data, predictive analytics and machine learning.

KMD Insight

Automated Case Match - Efficient, Intelligent and Automated Case Processing

KMD Automated Case Match helps with case management through intelligent and automated matching of cases similar to yours. You will find that it facilitates workflows and creates efficient case management of ongoing cases. In many companies and public organizations, case processing is a key task. Common to the processing of cases is partly to seek relevant information from previous cases and partly to match just completed cases with unread.
KMD Automated Case Match takes digital case management to a new level. The solution brings advanced Machine Learning technology, Optical Character Recognition and algorithms into play, which concretely helps caseworkers to quickly and easily find relevant information and match cases with similar cases across systems and databases.

KMD Case Match

Spend Analysis - Know Your Procurement Behavior In-depth and Identify Procurement Saving Potential

KMD Spend Analysis optimizes companies' purchasing processes by identifying and realizing savings potential. The solution provides a thorough and uniform insight into the purchasing process via detailed categorization and comprehensive invoice information. The solution provides an overview of the behavior across the entire organization's purchasers.
KMD Purchasing Analysis is a solution that i.a. uses machine learning technology and artificial intelligence to support the procurement department in the work of improving the procurement process across the organization.
The solution enables a data-supported approach, so that new gains are made visible and inappropriate behavior is quickly identified, so that an optimal purchasing process can be focused on.
Analyzes show that e.g. public companies can save between 10 and 20% by optimizing their procurement processes. But to reap the benefits, the right digital tools are needed to identify and realize the savings potential.

KMD Spend Analysis

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