5G. A Future Beyond Imagination.

25-28 February, 2019
Fira Gran Via, Barcelona NEC Stand Hall 3 3M30



5G. A Future Beyond Imagination.

Come join NEC at MWC Barcelona 2019!
Commercial 5G services are imminent, and it's time to capitalize on new opportunities.
Leveraging its expertise in smart connectivity to create new value through end-to-end connectivity of data, networks, devices, AI-enhanced services and more, NEC partners with customers to create a future beyond imagination.
We look forward to meeting you at the NEC stand (Hall 3, 3M30).


  • 5G Vision

    The 5G era will bring significant innovations to every segment of society and business through Intelligent Connectivity.

    However, service providers face challenges such as understanding how to cost effectively operationalize and monetize new services.
    Building and launching 5G-ready services and infrastructure involves complex, time-consuming and costly transformation projects in every stack of the platform.

    NEC/Netcracker is one of the few companies with both the expertise and full stack capabilities to remove the risk associated with those challenges.

    This pod introduces NEC 5G Vertical Business Platform which is the realization of an E2E full-stack Cloud Platform with Ecosystem partners, where Intelligent Connectivity of 5G networks gives innovative businesses and services improved performance, greater security and better reliability.

    new window 5G Vertical Business Platform White Paper
    PDF NEC Security Solution for CSP (PDF 502KB)

  • 5G Use Case

    NEC is proactively conducting various field trials with the telecom operators and companies of various industries, in order to address social challenges and create new markets based on 5G and ICT. We will showcase the multiple 5G field trials that NEC is participating in, as readiness for 2019 pre-services in Japan and the 5G commercial services to start in 2020.

  • Open RAN enabled 5G Radio Unit (RU)

    This pod introduces NEC's approach to Open RAN. It showcases NEC's Open RAN based Radio Unit (RU) products which is very compact and light-weight for ease of deployment. NEC believes Open RAN will be optimal, cost effective and state-of-the-art, as it consists of best-of-breed products across the Open RAN ecosystem. NEC delivers best performance as Open RAN vendor and will continue leading Open RAN ecosystem to bring truly innovative RAN solutions to customers.

    PDF 5G Open RAN Radio Unit (PDF 224KB)

  • 5G Enabler

    At this pod we introduce NEC's approach to enabling 5G with the adaptive network control technology. This technology can realize the real-time IoT services under environment of huge number of terminals by cooperative control between communications and applications. NEC will contribute to realize more efficient and safer society in areas of mobility, Factory, Stadium, and so on.

    PDF Digital Network Transformation (PDF 527KB)

  • 1-Step Digital KYC to the Business/Service Ecosystem

    NEC Digital KYC solution can enable service providers to offer swift access to the customers to use services through a 1-step digital KYC and improve:

    • lead time required to register and authenticate a genuine user
    • customer satisfaction by providing registration/KYC/activation services at any place, any time and thereafter utilizing same biometrics to access those services
    • personal data security by limited sharing of customer personal data

    This one-stop solution for customer onboarding and authentication by utilizing NEC's market leading biometric technologies will assist in controlling revenue leakage and increase profitability.

    PDF 1-Step Digital KYC Solution (PDF 501KB)

  • VNFs, Apps & Virtualized OSS: Streamlining & Monetizing Complexity

    With an increasingly diverse and dynamic network infrastructure combining of various network- and multi-vendor app-based services, full control over the network is becoming more challenging. This demonstration focuses on Netcracker's virtualized OSS solutions and how they can help providers manage their complex networks in the most intelligent way possible. Whether services reside at the edge (like 5G) or in the network core, the opportunities of next-gen technologies and architectures can only be realized by automating operations. The demonstration explains how operators can monetize various next-generation technologies by enabling dynamic network and service introduction, fulfillment and operations that adapt to specific business needs. These technologies are provisioned, managed and dynamically modified according to changing circumstances. We will also demonstrate how model-based orchestration can be used to automate the full network lifecycle.

  • Cloud BSS & Customer Rapport

    As service provider brands continue to dilute and approach commodification with the associated loss of revenue, the need for strong relationships with customers is greater than ever. This demonstration will show how service providers can deepen their relationships with customers, from beginning of taking a customer-centric model through the use of advanced artificial intelligence. We will demonstrate proactive approach to customer journeys that engage with customers before they are aware of the need, as well as solve service problems and/or engage with lifestyle services that deepen the relationship, bringing a higher customer lifetime value. We will further demonstrate the use of cloud architecture and next-generation BSS to reduce "time-to-change," allowing much more rapid and intuitive customer-focused business models.

  • 5G - AI-based Overbooking of Network Slices

    Experimental network slicing orchestration proof-of-concept:

    1. Novel design of hierarchical control plane to manage the orchestration of end-to-end network slices, including radio access, transport network, and distributed computing infrastructure;
    2. Modelling based on stochastic yield management theory to support slice overbooking;
    3. Practical admission control and resource allocation algorithms that exploit a recurrent neural network periodically trained for tenants demand inference.
  • Mobile Backhaul

    To cope with the ever increasing demand for wireless high capacity connections for 5G networks, NEC is continuously innovating and releasing 5G ready backhaul products, to support the most frequency efficient Mobile backhaul solutions. Multiband and the service switch function, provide not only high capacity and advanced reliability, but efficient service slicing for 5G backhaul as well. Increased TX power, will improve the availability for higher modulations, so high throughput is supported even during severe weather conditions. Research, test and field trials have started for OAM multiplexing and the use of D-band frequencies, to support wireless capacities up to 100Gbps.

    PDF iPASOLINK EX Advanced (PDF 362KB)
    PDF iPASOLINK iX Advanced (PDF 305KB)

  • Analyze, Visualize and Accelerate AI using NEC Data Platform for Hadoop (DPH)

    DPH, integrated with vector engine 'SX-Aurora Tsubasa' delivers real-time analytics by accelerating data collection, transformation, correlation, modeling and analysis by 40-100X over traditional system. It improves customer experience and offers the following key benefits;

    1. Modern, secure & cost effective data platform for faster data processing
    2. Personalized online content services to increase data consumption
    3. Increase ARPU
    4. Better customer experience, prevent churn and increase customer base
    5. Allows new business and revenue streams

    PDF SX-Aurora TSUBASA (PDF 3.53MB)

  • Public Safety LTE

    Public Safety LTE (PS-LTE) is a broadband wireless communication systems for public safety agencies. PS-LTE enables new applications such as information-sharing via image transmission and anomaly detection via sensing, in addition to robust features of conventional PMR/LMR, including waterproof and shock proof performance.

    Data Driven Platform for Smart Cities

    It accelerates data utilization for smart cities.
    Based on FIWARE, it integrates various data including open data and sensor data in the city.

    1. Visualize problems / values in the area
    2. Support the cities to improve public service and cost management
    3. Stimulate cross-sectional data utilization with open API (NGSI)
    4. Promote the formation of ecosystem with general functions provided as OSS modules

    PDF Data Utilization Platform Service (PDF 507KB)


    Cloud City Operation Center (CCOC) It's a horizontal platform that provides a holistic view of the city services. It acts as a brain, by monitoring and controling both real-time and historical data coming from different services. These data are treated, analyzed and correlated in the platform in order to allow decision-making and efficient management based on quality indicators and defined objectives.

    This solution is designed to meet Smart City requirements in a flexible, efficient and economical way. Moreover it is powered by FIWARE standard, easing the development of new applications in multiple vertical segments.

    PDF Cloud City Operations Center (PDF 2.44MB)
    PDF NEC Safer City (PDF 1.95MB)
    PDF Smart Tourism Solution (PDF 1.82MB)

  • Fiber Optic Sensing

    NEC's Fiber Optic Sensing technology can make optical fiber as the sensor to provide multiple applications using vibration, acoustic and temperature sensing.

    <Application example>

    • Fiber cable health check and protection
      (e.g. Network cable-cut detection)
    • Equipment/Infra monitoring
      (e.g. Building deterioration detection, Leakage monitoring of pipeline)
    • Intrusion detection for security
      (e.g. Perimeter security, Wiretapping detection)
    • Data utility services
      (e.g. Highway traffic monitoring, Disaster prevention)

    In MWC Barcelona 2019, selected applications and video demonstration will be exhibited.


Social value creation at 5G era